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Listen to our collection of heart-opening and soul uplifting Wisdom talks. Discover some powerful Elders. Rediscover the ancient wisdom you are calling for into your life.

Sandra Ingerman, Shamanism for the 21st century.

Join world-renowned teacher of shamanism Sandra Ingerman and Angell Deer for a deep discussion on the immense relevance of Shamanism in the 21st century.

During this time together we discussed with Sandra the importance of shamanism to answer our world's most important questions, and the relevance of shamanism in today’s era of climate change, social injustice, political divide, and immense mental health crisis.

Shamanism is the most ancient form of spirituality and is sometimes referred to as the most ancient “technology”. We will explore how in today’s world the importance of shamanism is crucial in helping us go through this time “of the great turning”.

The Green Witch interview on Herbal Medicine & Earth Connection Practices

The world is changing rapidly. Between Climate change, ecosystems collapse, and the broken political, economic, and social systems, our nervous systems are put under extreme pressure. Yet, your nervous system holds the key to your health and to being able to engage fully in your life.

Jesus, The Ultimate Shaman. Exploring the bridges between the Christ healing ways and shamanism.

Hear live from the authors of this new book that explore the bridges between the Christ healing ways and shamanism.

The Magic of Tobacco & Tree Dieta

In this episode, I interviewed Merav Artzi and Jason Grechanik, both trained plant medicine healer (Tabaquera-Curandera), who offers ceremonies and diets with Tobacco and Trees for healing and learning

Living in Time of Prophecy, with Grandmother ThreeCrow

As an elder, dreamer, and visionary, Grandmother Threecrow responds to my questions and shares insight and wisdom regarding this time of prophecy we are living in.

The ancestral teachings of Andean Cosmology and the connection to Breathwork and Shamanism.

This is the recording of my interview with Benedict Beaumont the host of the "Inspiration festival". A pretty emotional and deep exploration of the connection between breath and the ancient prayer of the Wind in relation to the Andean Cosmology medicine wheel.

Indigenous Sovereignty, Indigenous Wisdom, and how to return to connection with Brandon Maka’awa’awa

A powerful live talk with Brandon Maka’awa’awa, the Vice President of the independent Nation of Hawaii.

The Magical Call of your ancient prayer. How to listen? How to answer?

I enjoyed being able to sit down with Angell and learn more about his story, what brought him into this work, and what he has to share. He’s had a varied life and has an interesting perspective drawing from his own life experience and having worked in many traditions. I think you’ll get a lot out of Angell’s sharing and his wisdom.

The Ancestral Magic of one of the last Navajo Medicine Man (Chee Ramon)

Chee Ramon knows as much, possibly more, about Navajo medicine than any man alive and now, for the first time, he has agreed to bring his knowledge to a wider audience outside his Navajo homeland of Arizona and New Mexico. Following his visit, we recorded this video with his main / oldest student (Charles) to share about the magic we witnessed.

Experiencing Sacred Plant Medicine Right Where You Are

Join us as we turn it down, drop into our hearts, and tune into the softer -- but no less sacred -- voice of the plants. Together, we will listen and gather sacred plant medicine right where we are.

Meet the Elder - Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq - The Spiritual significance of Climate change

His name means ‘The Man Who Looks Like His Uncle’. Since he was a child he was trained by his family- especially by his Grandmother Aanakasaa – for becoming a shaman. The spiritual task given by his mother is: “Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man”.

Breath as a Bridge Into Ancient Cosmology

This interview is part of The Breathwork Summit a free online event. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

The Animals as Allies - Remembering how to listen

The Animals have so much to share with us, not only wisdom but truth about ourselves. Even the most unexpected creatures, mundane and fantastic, offer up alliance if we are willing to sit and listen.

Myth, Mycelium, and Rewilding Masculinities

Join us for an exceptional discussion on Myth, Mycelium, and Rewilding Masculinities with Sophie Strand.

Embodied Plant Medicine with Amanda Nicole - A live conversation with Angell Deer

What if my body is my basket, and I become the Tulip Poplar tree? The call of the plants is not primarily for them but for me -- a Divine invitation to fully Embody and Be. When I am the vessel holding Nettles' green leaves, the cup remains empty, untouched by tea, and I am the Medicine and the Medicine is me.

An apprenticeship with Sorrow - Francis Weller

This brief presentation will explore the elements of an Apprenticeship with Sorrow. It is through the rites of grief that we are, in turn, ripened as human beings. Grief invites gravity and depth into our world.

Touching the Divine through Embodied Consent

Consent goes beyond touch and beyond the bedroom, and it touches every aspect of our lives. The more you connect with the wisdom in your body, the more authentic your expressions become — whether it’s stating what you want for yourself, or what you are willing to engage in with another.

Stop Sabotaging your path of Love - Tantra & Shamanism

Nalaya is an intimacy life coach, healer, and retreat facilitator. She was born in The Netherlands, raised in various countries, traveled the world for over a decade, and is now residing in Thailand after having lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru for 5 years.

Shamanic Herbalism - A live discussion with Master Herbalist Matthew Wood

In this very educative, fun, and filled with wisdom discussion, Matthew and I discuss the magical realm of the intersection between Shamanism & Herbalism.

Meet the Elder - "Bridging the worlds - Ancestral Values in a Modern World"

This time we spent a sacred sharing around the fire with Gail Whitlow, Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) on the theme of "Bridging the Worlds - Ancestral Values in a Modern World"

Resiliency to Rise from the ashes

Grandmother Sangoma Oludoye is a Sacred Activist, Traditional Yoruba priestess, Custodian of the Ancestors, and a daughter of the Cherokee Nation.


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