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Shamanic Retreat with Ancient Cosmologies & Plant Spirit Connection (Agoura Hills, L.A., California)
Shamanic Retreat with Ancient Cosmologies & Plant Spirit Connection (Agoura Hills, L.A., California)

Fri, Aug 16


Santa Monica Mountains, Agoura Hills, CA

Shamanic Retreat with Ancient Cosmologies & Plant Spirit Connection (Agoura Hills, L.A., California)

Over 2.5 days together, in the magical Santa Monica mountains, we will explore in depth our connection to our bodies, emotions, mind, and spirit to heal our soul connection and reconnect to our purpose and life vision.

Time & Location

Aug 16, 2024, 4:00 PM PDT – Aug 18, 2024, 4:00 PM PDT

Santa Monica Mountains, Agoura Hills, CA


About the Event

Join us for a magical healing retreat at Holistic TherapeutiX, located in the Santa Monica Mountains in Agoura Hills, California.

The center offers a relaxing mix of traditional and modern styles, perfect for group sessions. You are surrounded by beautiful nature and outdoor areas that help you relax and feel good. We focus on mindfulness techniques using conscious and breathwork practices, community activities, and educational workshops and retreats to help everyone find their greatest potential.

The center is based on holistic and mindful exploration, blending traditional wisdom with modern science to help individuals become their best selves.

Over 2.5 days together, we will explore in depth our connection to our bodies, emotions, mind, and spirit to heal our soul connection and reconnect to our purpose and life vision.

We will use the container of the Andean Cosmovision Medicine Wheel to hold that space for us through this time of great transformation.

Through prayers, rituals, ceremonies, journaling, shamanic journeying, time in nature, connection to the elements, shamanic breathwork, community meals, and authentic presence with what is unresolved in our lives, we will gift ourselves the opportunity to remember the deep calling of our souls.

Some elements of our program:

- Fire ceremony

- Sananga ceremony

- Hapeh ceremony

- Shamanic Journeying

- 5 Andean Cosmovisions lectures with Angell Deer

- Plant Ceremony Rituals

- Breathwork Shamanic Ceremony

- Water blessing ceremony

- And more…

This retreat is catered to those who feel the call to be a force of change in this world. To those who wish to heal in depth what is troubling them. To the spiritual warriors, seekers, mystics, and students of life who aspire to birth the most empowered version of themselves to serve their families, their community, and this planet.

Come as you are, with your intentions and wildest dreams, with your full humanness and heart, and let's dive into this sacred container to answer those mystical times we are living in.

Individual & personal attention will be given to everyone, as well as collective connection and support. A preparation call will help you have a clearer intention and answer any questions you might have. An integration call a few weeks after the retreat will be there to support you in bringing home the gifts you will receive during the retreat.

We will provide organic breakfast, lunch & dinner, afternoon break healthy snacks, herbal teas, and much love, care, and warmth.

Space is limited to 15 people in person.

There is an option to attend online (with advanced technology, online facilitators, and live video).


$950 – In-person

$650 - Online

50% deposit at booking

50% on Feb 15th

To participate, you must join (for free) the Professional Wellness Association (PWA) and sign a disclaimer and intake form.

Email us at with any questions.

About your hosts:

Monica Nieto

Monica is a devoted mother, wife, and passionate healer with a deep love for nature. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she pursued higher education in the US, earning a Master's in Psychology and an M.A. in International Affairs during her time in France. Her journey includes training in the Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic program with Daniel MacQueen at the Center of Medicinal Mindfulness and completing the Vital Psychedelic Therapies and Integration program from Psychedelics Today. Monica's profound connection with medicinal plants has been crucial to her own healing journey, inspiring her to dedicate herself to facilitating transformative experiences for others.

Ben Piret

Dedicated father and husband, born in France, Ben stands out as a visionary entrepreneur in various industries. He is passionate about traveling, meeting remote cultures, learning, and using traditional medicines and philosophies. Renowned for his innovative approach to business, he is pioneering in the field of psychedelic-assisted leadership development. Ben has been trained to be a psychedelic guide by Daniel McQueen at the Center of Medicinal Mindfulness in Colorado. He also completed the Vital program from Psychedelics Today. Ben produces and curates music for journeys. With his new project, Kinesthesia, his mission is to foster a profound shift in leadership approaches, preparing leaders for an evolving world.

Angell Deer

Angell Deer is a mystic, medicine man, teacher, permaculturist, beekeeper, international speaker, and lover of all life forms. He has dedicated his life to remembering, learning, and teaching ancient wisdom through the Andean Cosmology and Norse Shamanism lineages. His passion is to weave words and stories, people and places, darkness and light, wounds and love, ancient and modern times.

Deeply committed to the healing of this world, he is heartbrokenly inspired by our shared humanity. He likes to dwell in the adventurous space of not-knowing, learning from his elders the mystery and magic of creation in the never-ending inquiry into a spiritual way of life.

He is often found on the land of The Sanctuary in awe of the myceliumystic connections of life, tending to the trees and animals, and praying for a world where relationships, community, and deep care for life are a reality.

Angell is trained as a Veterinarian, Medicine Man, Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Herbalist, Beekeeper, and more. He is an ordained minister and a licensed Wellness Professional. He founded the New York Bee Sanctuary, a national nonprofit advocating for the preservation of bees & pollinators.

He was an advisor to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for five years. He has spoken in front of global audiences at the French Davos forum, the French embassy in New York, as the nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, at Harvard Business School, Parson School of Design in NYC, awarded the NYC Venture Fellow for best entrepreneur in New York City by mayor Bloomberg, and was recognized as “Earth Rockstar” in 2022 at the Global Concert for Earth.

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