Social & Environmental Commitments

Our commitment to social and environmental justice is fully aligned with our mission (restoring the health and wellbeing of anyone who walked onto our sacred land).


Through constant assessment of our footprint on the Earth, we have taken numerous steps to not only reduce our impact but also support a thriving environment. Our efforts have been rewarded by multiple certifications.


This support deeply our mission to not only improve individual health but to improve the lives of our communities, families and all our relations on Earth.

Organic Land
Our land is cared for with no use of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and use permaculture principles.
Natural Beekeeping
The Sacred Bees protecting and nurturing our land. Our apiary is managed naturally without the use of any chemicals. We also extract very little quantities of Honey from our bees.
Pollinator Garden
We have planted over 200+ Native & Pollinators friendly Flowers on the land. Every year we keep increasing the amount of Native & Medicinal plants on the land.
Certified Wildlife Habitat
The Sanctuary Land has been recognized for its commitment to sustainably provide essential elements of wildlife habitat: Food, Water, Cover and Places to raise young.
Green Power
The Sanctuary gets its electricity from our community Solar Farm and Wind Power. We use additional Heat Power for the coldest month from recycled wood pellets.
Free Workshops
We offer monthly free workshops. We also have mentorship and scholarship to allow anyone with limited means to join our retreats, events and workshops.
Community Work
Our community gather regularly to do work on the land and supporting the sacred work. We also offer volunteering work to anyone willing to support this land and Sacred work.
Interfaith Work
The Sanctuary is a place where all religions, spiritual beliefs are bridged and welcome.
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