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The Power of Shamanic Healing & Reiki

Shamanic Mentorship Program
Shamanic Mentorship One-on-One custom curriculum

I am only training 3 to 5 students every year one-on-one.

The curriculum is based on individual needs and path.

There is no set structure but require the dedication of the student for this path. This is for a very committed student.

The Shamanic Path if a path of "DIRECT REVELATION" and as a guide/teacher I will provide support and guidance on the areas of work that the student need to explore.

It is an important investment in time and dedication and allows each student to have a lot of time with me, online and in person.

Here are the main components of the schedule:

  • 8 Monthly Class (4 in-person and 4 online)

  • 4 to 6 days a year in person (in the Catskills, NY) with land work, prayers, plant medicine, prayers, etc

  • Permanent access to support from the teacher (Angell Deer)

  • Support during your sacred work (Ceremonies, Vision Quest, Dieta, etc)

Here are some samples of the work we will do together:

  • Shamanic tools (creation of the tools, use of tools, etc)

  • Feathers, Bones, prayers, collection, and traditional use

  • Shamanic journeying (technics, practices, the traditional use of journeying, exploration of the different world)

  • Soul retrieval, entity extractions, soul entanglement. Learning the different technics and practices.

  • Herbalism, Plant tinctures, Foraging (technics, preparation, use, and expansion for the creation of your own medicine preparation)

  • Sacred Plants (Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, Mugwort). Collection, preparation, traditional use.

  • Plant Medicine (Shamanic ceremonies, the teaching of the concept needed (Altar, Fire, Prayers, Songs, Holding Space, Integration)

  • Understanding and work with the different elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)

  • Animal Spirit / Totem Animals (Understanding, Meeting your animals, working with them, and developing a relationship for your development and work)

  • Walking the land, connecting and communicating with lands (including rivers, mountain, ...). Awakening the Spirit of the land and be welcomed by them.

  • Altar. The different component of the Altar. Building your own Altar. Praying and working with your Altar.

  • Sacred Water. Understanding how to make holy water for specific use during shamanic work and ceremony.

  • Drum (and other instruments). The shamanic drum. It's used in healing, protection, and guidance. Deep dive in drumming, singing, calling/channeling sacred songs

Those are only some elements of the curriculum and the curriculum will be curated on YOUR needs and my input.

For example, I have had students who required pre & post shamanic plant medicine ceremony support & integration. Other had to prepare for Vision Quest. Other wanted to explore working with Sacred Medicine. The curriculum and support were designed for them.

For more information and if you are interested, contact me

I would prefer to join your Online & Live "Path of the Warrior" Curriculum

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