Lynee H, NYC, The work we did together has changed my life and my spiritual path. You helped reconnect me to my spirit and I have been having revelations weekly and I’m healing every day. With my open heart I am attracting authentic conversations and interactions into my life. I find that even though I am working in corporate real estate, I sit down for a meeting and people want to talk to me about life and other non-work related things of substance. I’ve also had intuitive moments that are becoming more and more frequent and I am starting to explore that while I continue to heal. Thank you for healing yourself, speaking your truth, and helping others heal. 

Truly. Life. Changing. Can’t thank you enough... so much love and appreciation.
— Nicole C., Massachusetts

Debbie E., Michigan "I can't begin to express to you how you changed my life when you were here. I wish I could better explain how the Shamanic healing you did for my changed me. Not only did I feel better, but I feel it opened up a gate of sorts. It was like a had this knowing that I was about to understand something for many years just what it was could not surface. Well it was able to surface, after that afternoon. I know I am on the right path. I know this was something I have been meant to do. I also know the fear of trying left me that day. It was like I got a call from home that said its so good to see you. I have felt the happiest and most alive I have felt well in i can't remember when."

Lauren K., NYC, NY "A couple of weeks ago I met with Guillaume at the Sanctuary in Callicoon, NY. I was drawn to the Sanctuary because I'm going through some major transitions in my life and was feeling quite insecure with where I was. Guillaume welcomed me with such warmth into his home and healing space. I immediately felt comfortable as if I were with a close friend. The entire experience took about 4 hours during which we discussed my concerns, did some exercises together, and Guillaume gave me various healings and supported me in releasing negative energies. While it's always a little bit anxiety inducing to open up wholeheartedly to somebody, especially somebody of the opposite sex, Guillaume held a space that allowed me to feel wholly vulnerable and secure. At the end of the session I felt balanced, renewed and open both physically and emotionally. He gave me a few practices to incorporate into my days which have brightened my outlook. One of my struggles before meeting Guillaume was lowering substance use and since being with him, while I've still had some cravings, I haven't imbibed and it hasn't been as difficult as it was for me to abstain in the past. I feel more confident and trusting of myself and my choices since our meeting. The whole experience has been very empowering and I would definitely recommend Guillaume and the Sanctuary to anybody looking for some guidance, healing, balance and friendship." 

Christel C., NYC, NY "Guillaume was introduced to me through a mutual friend in Entrepreneurs Organization. I really connected to Guillaume's journey as someone who came to a healing career through after his roller coaster ride as a CEO. Guillaume's energy healing is anchored in authenticity and strength. I believe his ability to connect to my duality (human and spirit) was the reason he was so successful in moving me past a "great stuck" and helping me uncover my flowing, vibrant energy again."

The sanctuary changed my life. Guillaume awoke me to my inner light and my inner wolf. It was truly a captivating, life altering, ego destroying experience. My experience would not have been what it was if it weren’t for the beautiful soul who kindly guided and supported me. I have never felt more grounded in my life. Truly in touch with the universe, spirit, and eternal life. Im now even more drawn to awakening my inner purpose through listening to my heart. The sanctuary reminded me what pure joy and love feels like, and for that I will be forever grateful.
— Max F., Chicago, MI

Diane G., NYC, NY "Studying reiki with Guillaume is being grounded with roots and knowledge and at the same time having the space to fly and connect with one's spirit. it is a merging of the lower and upper worlds sometimes like a storm and other times with grace. Thank you with gratitude for the unfolding."

Jonathan C., NYC, NY "I am so grateful for your offering of teaching Reiki. It has changed my life and continues to be very much a part of my path."

Francoise B., New York City, NY "I know that Reiki would be great and powerful but last initiation  week end went far beyond everything I could have imagined. You have created instantly such a meditative and loving atmosphere .Really amazing was to feel how quickly we became all in need of each other's in our group. I have been waiting for a long time to make the decision to learn Reiki but now I am so glad that I met you Guillaume,  a truly inspiring master and ..mentor .I loved the shamanic inspiration too. During  the following week I was still   feeling the very positive vibes of the weekend, thinking a lot of you all. I experienced also some physical changes and I have also been revisiting past decisions that where emotionally difficult .I was able to reconnect with my sister and I am pretty  sure this is related to  meditation we did during the week end..Did also 3  Reiki treatments! Dear Guillaume , thank you for sharing and teaching us knowledge and wisdom with such natural  wonderful  humor and generosity. You Are a Shaman!"

Guillaume is incredibly attentive and heartfelt in the work that he does. With his guidance I gain courage, patience and an opportunity to live in authenticity. This is my goal! I feel open to new perspectives and choices with in myself and my surroundings. A safe and sacred space for inner healing and journey is consistently provided for in this work. I highly recommend Guillaume to those who feel committed and courageous enough to seek change and purpose in their lives.
— Bernardo C., NYC, NY

Arielle G., New York City, NY "Thank you so much for the amazing Reiki training weekend! What a gift. So many beautiful lessons it was truly life changing. You really do give seekers a gift. Thank you so much for all of the beautiful wisdom, presence and of course reiki. You truly gave the class an experience they will remember for the rest of their life. I'm truly moved and this has taken me to new depths. I can't thank you enough. Thank you!"

Amber R., Dallas, TX "I've been at The Sanctuary with Gil. It was an amazing 3 days! Life transforming... I'm still benefitting from that trip and it was 7 months ago! Thank you G!"

Susan Z., Dallas, TX "I became interested in Shamanism after a session with you in Dallas this past summer.  During our session you told me to trust my body and I have lost and kept off 15 pounds since. I was very moved by the drumming and chanting." 

Phil H., Germany "I am praying every day now. Changes everything. Thank you"

Since my time at The Sanctuary, I have been healed significantly: physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I was to have neck fusion surgery on C3-C4 to add to my already fused C1-C2. Guillaume healed my neck... through his vibration, incense, touching, tea, and overall healing work, my neck slowly, gradually got better. Though I still have occasional soreness, I no longer require surgery, and I do pool work and exercises to strengthen my neck muscles and to continue to rehab.
— Tom D., Omaha

Kate G., San Francisco, CA "I want to honor and express my profound gratitude to Guillaume and his bee friends at The Sanctuary for the healing mead medicine infused with the powerful intention of letting go of all that no longer serves me. I began my daily mead medicine practice the first day of the full moon a month ago and ended on the recent super full moon. It was a powerful experience to start each day with a prayer of thanks and intention of letting go. Each day I could feel psychic weight being lifted off my being, growing lighter and less encumbered with attachments as the month went on. By the end of the 30 day cycle, I'd reached a state of true equanimity about key relationships in my life which I had previously struggled with. I feel clear, calm and awakened to the beauty within and without. Blessings to you and your bee companions, Guillaume and thank you for your transformative gifts"

Guillaume! I had to send to an email to thank you. You truly are amazing, kind, and wonderful. Your ability to give advice and guidance is far beyond what I could have ever asked for. I cannot wait to learn more and speak to you more often.
— Erik L, Brooklyn, NY

Barrie J., Narrowsburg, NY "Life can be joyful, yet part of the agreement we make to return to this planet is the need to experience fear, loss, sadness and pain. Accepting that is the deal we make to return to our training on earth. Every once in a while, without asking, the universe puts you in touch with a gentle and kind, knowledgeable healer. The universe provided for me by introducing me to Guillaume Gauthereau and The Sanctuary Transcend in Callicoon, New York. Recently, I was working on healing from a very deep wound. My old ways of dealing were not working and I was stuck. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice I knew the danger of not caring for myself. In consulting with Guillaume, he offered me his wisdom and provided me with a very special tincture he created for me called, "let go". He has been a never ending source of pure love, care and concern. I highly recommend anyone considering entering in to treatment with Guillaume. His mastery of the unspoken gifts of the universe are priceless." Barrie J, LCSW-R

Laurence C., Norwalk, CT "A great uplifting weekend with a lot to embrace and to learn. Very relaxing but active at the same time. Many details were added to start your practice with confidence. Guillaume is very knowledgeable. A great guide for your journey to Reiki teaching or your own practice. Enchanting!"

Albert D., Brooklyn, NY "I enjoyed all of the teachings during the course. First I saw the power of Reiki and much of a beautiful healing practice it is. Second, Guillaume your knowledge, quest and calling you are in is so inspiring and wonderful. I learned so many interesting and fascinating things over the weekend. My soul feels nourished and ready for more and more and more. Thank you!"

Stephanie V., Brooklyn, NY "Thank you so much for a very special weekend. You are such a well of knowledge. It's very rare to meet someone that conveys such deep wisdom in such an accessible and humble way. I feel that everyone left this weekend with much more than just a Reiki 1 certificate. At least I did!"

I can’t thank you enough for creating the space and giving some much of your knowledge and energy to all of us with compassion. I learned a great deal in observing that alone. I received a healing that I will always remember and be able to connect to when i practice.
— Tiffany R., New York City

George R., Brooklyn, NY " Guillaume has a firm passion & grasp of the Reiki principles. His class was informative, calming, educational, and left me asking for further teachings of Reiki (2, etc). I will thanks him for helping me grow, and for being his student, apprentice if he allows it."

Michelle B., Woodside, NY "I enjoyed the Reiki training immensely! I felt I got my energy flowing again. In a way I felt I could control the positive & negative energy. Before doing this class I was completely overwhelmed with a lot of negative (outside) energies. Mainly from other people. However after going only 2 days of Reiki my body is NOT feeling as heavy as before. I am eager to learn more about Reiki and through practice I will be able to attend Reiki II"

P. C. "I mailed to you this morning a gift from Pará, Brazilian Amazon State, as a reminder of how shamanism, through you, has saved my life. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you, always and forever!"

Robin R, Dallas TX "It's been 2 days since the workshop.  I left the workshop feeling great!  But even more importantly, I have had a renewed sense of ENERGY!  My husband even noticed and mentioned it. Just 3 months ago, I lost my mother.  I had a hard time letting go of the grief.  I believe this workshop has helped me clear out some stagnant emotions and has allowed me to be OPEN and happy! Thank you for sharing your gift. Many blessings"

T. R., NYC "I came to dive deep in a safe place. I don't think I knew what those words meant prior. Now I do. I also wanted a ceremony to acknowledge stepping forward. I am proud to say I received everything and more"

I have known Guillaume since 2013 and in this very short time, he has impacted my life in a very big way. Guillaume’s spiritual guidance has helped me face the toughest challenges in my life and I consider myself very lucky to have access to someone like Guillaume, with Gratitude.
— S. A. London, UK

Oyumi A., NYC "Beautiful introduction to the world of Reiki. The workshop had been informative, authentic and full of depth"

Lina S., Russia "I have spent a great weekend learning Reiki with Guillaume. He is a great teacher, super giving sharing and positive. I love that he was opened to discussions and encouraged us to find our own practice"

Glorianne D.T., NYC "The workshop was very detailed. The pace was perfect. Good exchange between verbal and experiential learning. You are very knowledgeable in so many areas which makes you very reputable. I know that what I learned is accurate and authentic"

Maelis R., P.A."Very powerful intro to Reiki. Great foundation for beginner. I feel I have enough of a beginner cushion. The seed is planted and nurtured. Ready tomorrow grow!"

G. T., USA "Thank you. Super grateful to you and all the knowledge and wisdom you have shared with us. To your amazing energy. I have enjoyed this weekend beyond words  thank you and thank you for being opened for discussions and answering all our question. Much love & light 🙌🏼"

Pryscilla C., Brazil  “Glad to know there are many good people out there working for a better place to all humanity. Your work inspires us to be better and do better. Thanks again for emphasizing the tools to use and for dedicating your time and life to the sustainable development of our societies. "The tinctures have a not so pleasant taste, but once absorbed by the cells of the body, gives the sensation of realignment. I doubt it, but experienced the good effects of it. No longer need Xanax to control panic attacks. It also made me realize being in touch with the calmness within me, brings me peace. I even meditate more now. This is now reflecting outside, even thought the stress and craziness I'm going through with divorce, single parenting children, working, studying, managing bipolar/anxiety etc." Using these tools are helping me heal, be whole and be at service for researching and developing legal policies able to incorporate our differences, yet respecting the human rights of peoples.No one experiencing abuse, rape and the consequences of that on their mental health should be considered different from others. And if is there something in life I will do, will be to return to society the opportunities I had to heal. I will help others going through the same or not, so they know their rights and how to protect themselves from perpetrators. Bless be Guillaume! Thank you for sharing your vulnerability! “

Jodi M., Dallas, TX “I enjoyed working with you and feel your mini meditation and Tibetan Healing Bowls left me in an amazing peaceful state.  Even today I feel the benefits and am keeping my breathing in mind as I face typical daily challenges.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom.”

M. M., Lancaster, PA "One of the most beautiful experiences I've had... Learning so much and extremely grateful for all of it. Thank you reiki master @ggauthereau 🙏"

Tom D., Omaha “Spiritually, I feel as though I've been awakened. During my session, I had vivid dreams/images pop into my head: images of jelly fish. Guillaume researched the meaning of jelly fish and discovered that I was to completely open myself up - old wounds, scars, and old good memories as well. In doing so, I feel I have become more comfortable emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically, physically too even, in my own skin. I have been and continue to be my true self. In doing so, in being myself, shortly after my session at The Sanctuary, I met my first and now only (we shall be engaged soon) serious girlfriend - who is the perfect missing piece to the puzzle, my perfect foil, and perfect partner in crime. Guillaume told me emotional things would happen after my time there, and, ... well, have they ever. My neck is much better; some anxiety and stress I was previously carrying has been greatly diminished; I am a work in progress; but at least now I've got a better half to go through happy and painful times together..."

Jim B., New York City “I really enjoyed Guillaume’s class. He explained the basic theory about the singing bowls, and I think it makes sense because music seems to be very healing. I have done some meditation before but this experience was one of the best. I think the reason it worked so well for me was the bowls distracted me from my wandering thoughts. This is the whole point of mediation and Guillaume has found a very effective formula.”

Sophie P., New York City “Living and/or working in New York can be stressful. The body and the brain need to recharge. Guillaume Gauthereau helps you travel time and space through his meditation technics. The Tibetan bowls that he uses are particularly helpful because the sounds penetrate your senses and take you on a journey. His class bring substantial nourishment to the brain, body and soul. After his evening meditation class I felt rejuvenated. Practicing guided meditation with him helps me focus in my professional life. I execute tasks in a more efficient manner. I am also more relaxed in my personal life. I recommend his class to anyone interested in developing his or her brain/body to another level of consciousness. Wellness is priceless. Meditation is the first step to optimum health and happiness. It is genuine and effective health care.”

Paolo E., New York City “Just a plug for something that’s really changed the way I work for the better and helped me become not only more productive but happier in doing so while keeping the dreaded burnout at bay: check out my friend Guillaume‘s meditation classes held every week in BK. Yes….if even a cold, logical guy like me embraces what I once thought was esoteric (it’s not), pointless (it’s not), and difficult (somewhat….but so worth it)….you can too. I promise even just 10 mins. a day makes a huge difference down the line. Beginners (like me) totally welcome. That is all.”

Gail T., New York City “I first heard Guillaume speak at Standup for Passion and was inspired by his dedication, courage and search for truth/enlightenment (from the world of business).  His postings on Facebook further revealed a teacher and healer of great depth and simple wisdom, so I attended his meditation class at Awakening NY. In just an hour, Guillaume’s sincere words and masterful use of the Tibetan healing bowls transported the full class from the stress of the city to a peaceful meditative state. Tears of relaxation streamed down my face though I was not aware of any emotional attachment. I’ve attended a variety of spiritual and meditation workshops and Guillaume’s class is truly special. I’m really looking forward to future learning and discoveries. See you soon Guillaume”

Sumitra D., New York City “Guillaume’s class bestows a uniquely calming yet uplifting experience. The serenity he envelopes you in with his Tibetan healing bowls is magical. His knowledge of our innate energetic abilities deep within is profound, though he manages to help you understand them in simple, grounded terms. Highly recommend for anyone looking to start a meditation practice or those looking to deepen their understanding of chakras and healing.”

Kathleen K., New York City “I have been attending Guillaume’s meditation classes for several weeks now and the subjects are often exactly on par with what I need at that time. One was focused on our disconnect with love, in which we were to imagine when we first felt that and to go back and make peace with that situation where we were at that time.  What I didn’t realize until working one on one with Guillaume a couple of weeks later, is that my disconnect with love starts much further back and is much deeper than that situation I imagined in that meditation. I realized it really stemmed from my parents and the way they conducted their relationship and what they projected on me. I’m not sure how we got to talking about my parents. I actually thought I’d made my peace with them prior and that my unsettling or unhappy feelings  were coming from other situations, jobs,or relationships in recent years through now. However, it’s as if Guillaume felt through what I was saying to reach the very core of the issue. Once we started talking about them I was completely choked up. As he continued to guide me through it, I realized how much pain and resentfulness I was still harboring. He asked me to stay with it, no matter how emotional the session became. He gave me a mantra and exercises to imagine the time(s) when they hurt me and to focus on love and forgiveness though daily meditations. I did this and feel already like the dynamic of my relationship with them has changed. I no longer ignore them or feel slightly threatened when they call to check up on me. I found in my meditations, that rather than seeing both of my parents at the same time (they are still married) I had to work on each of them separately as they operate very much that way. Rather than remembering when they hurt me, I found my meditations turned into my seeing them hurting from their own life circumstances, or parents, or lack of love. I understood them and just wanted to hug and give them love, though they they are far away. There are many layers of course and this by no means removed all pain from my life, but I really needed to work through this foundation and Guillaume helped me get to the bottom of it, and where I wouldn’t have necessary looked or faced fully on my own. I am grateful for that and very much want to continue this work with him.”

Shadi S., Israel “I met Guillaume in the most defining period of my life, It was the summer of 2013 when I took a break from my daily life and went for a month volunteering in nepal as I was looking for answers regarding my true self, my purpose in life, about happiness and suffering… And there i met him, the click was immediate, there was something about him that made me open my heart and pour my soul without feeling weakened , We had this sort of pure childish friendship, free of judgment and prejudice i thought only reserved for couples inlove . He was a huge support for me in this period, and through his vast experience i managed to find some of the answers I was looking for… And as this journey continues and despite being at different continets these days , i still feed on my friend’s wisdom and inspiring words to lift my soul each time i spiritualy hit a wall… thanks GG”

Alexandre R., United-Kingdom “I know Guillaume for a long time, from his days when he was a successful business man. I have witnessed his changes the past few years and at the beginning i was a bit skeptical and thought this new attitude and habits were going to be short lived. I had to find myself in a rough patch of my life to realize the deepness of his Work. At the end of last year, i felt stuck, my life was going nowhere, i was still single and not meeting anyone “special”, my social life was starting to be repetitive, boring and my job was squeezing any little drops of life that was left in me. The main issue here was that even to maintain this situation of “no results” i was using all my energy. It was like paddling against the current just to stay in a situation where i didn’t wanted to be. I felt powerless and was starting to simply accept that my life was going to be tough and that i was going to be unlikely happy despite the fake smile i was putting on for my social life. Basically that’s was it, my life was just a fail. I needed a break so i went surfing at the time and with no conviction i gave it a go to meditation.  I felt that for a long time something was happening in me. I didn’t know what to think about this nor to who i could share this to. Thankfully Guillaume was here. He listened, heard me and systematically provided me the proper tool and keys to understand myself, what was happening and gave me the inspiration to start my own Work. I have been amazed by his knowledge of the soul and by his capacity to unlock what has been always here in you. I have stopped paddling and even I know that I have still a long way to go, this time I am enjoying my journey, surfing the current. I wish you all well.”

Padme, A, NY, One week after the Rapeh Ceremony. Blood pressure has been stabilizing (when Im not working...), heartbeat is stabilizing...left ear is working to move whatever is going on there. I feel energetically stronger, maybe a little badass...definitely much happier but in a quiet, radiating way...and people around me sense something is different..

Michelle V., I can not thank you enough for yesterday's amazing experience. I would not have been able to move the boulders blocking my path without you. I thank you for reaching Mother Earth and offering apologies, and asking Her for my forgiveness. I look forward to doing the same and reconnecting with Her. You have an incredible gift that I will be forever greatful to have had shared with me.

Amanda T., I just got finished listening to the "Not Good Enough" podcast. It is something I struggle with and have done a lot of work on it especially this last year. I am so grateful to have listened to this and your words really spoke to me in many ways and look forward to the practice of thinking on the many good things in my life before bedtime. 

Guillaume immediately made me feel at ease and safe to open up about my emotional traumas.  He creates a safe space for healing and he is highly compassionate and attuned to the emotional and spiritual sensitivities of my situation.  His ceremonial practice is very powerful because he has such an open heart and this really helped me to trust in the healing process.  I would certainly advise any of my friends or family to see Guillaume for a healing session or ceremony
— Gillian C, Connecticut

Kyle M., NYC, NY "In June 2017, I attended a beautiful meditation and healing ceremony with Guillaume at the Sanctuary Healing Center in Callicoon, NY.   The Sanctuary is nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains surrounded by this beautiful lush wilderness on this sacred land.  It is so easy to connect and become one with nature while at the retreat.   From the moment you arrive and meet Guillaume and the other guests, you immediately feel the love and warmth which allows you to immediately relax and trust that you are in the right place for a profound weekend of self-growth and healing.  Guillaume is a gifted shamanic healer, teacher and facilitator who is warm, humble and has a generous heart full of love, as well a great depth of knowledge which allows for a safe and empowering healing space.  He is gentle, loving and nurturing which allows you to open, expand and explore for your personal healing journey.   I am so grateful and honored to be part of this transformational weekend retreat of such deep and personal healing.  I highly recommend you experience a personal healing at the Sanctuary with Guillaume."

Mireille M., Dallas, TX "I highly recommend Guillaume's work. I had been suffering from chronic infections since 1993 and had pursued everything from Western pharmaceuticals, which I stepped away from quickly, to chiropractic, cleanses, acupuncture to naturopaths, homeopaths, with disappointing results. I attended one of Guillaume's workshops and invested in one of his private sessions. I knew during the session that something was shifting in me. Guillaume is amazing in the work he does and so generous with the resources he offers online. Even though I was not able to continue investing in work with him (we live states away), I know that he has been an integral part in my healing. I'm celebrating 10 months infection free this month and am looking forward to continued physical, mental and emotional healing. I'm eternally grateful."

Mary Ellen A., NYC, NY "Thank you so much for today Guillaume. I feel I made an important step to change my life today. It is powerful work you do!"

I can’t begin to express to you how you changed my life when you were here. I wish I could better explain how the Shamanic healing you did for my changed me. Not only did I feel better, but I feel it opened up a gate of sorts. It was like a had this knowing that I was about to understand something for many years just what it was could not surface. Well it was able to surface, after that afternoon. I know I am on the right path. I know this was something I have been meant to do. I also know the fear of trying left me that day. It was like I got a call from home that said its so good to see you. I have felt the happiest and most alive I have felt well in i can’t remember when.
— Debbie E., Michigan

Marina M., NYC “What can I say except Thank you.  I should be the one saying Great session with You today (yesterday).  Thank you for taking the time immediately to send me this clear follow up.  Yesterday I was very emotional, feeling lost and perhaps peeling a layer off. The support I had in place, You, have become a strong mentor for me and the spirit is very important, so thank you for the work You do, are and become.”

Nipa D., Austin TX “Want to say thank you to you for all your help and support during my tough times. For being there for me and just sending me a simple text message and asking me how I was doing . For praying for me and going out of your way to help me even when I was not able to give back the energy exchange. I had never ever met you or spoken to you before and even then you went out of your way to help a stranger. That meant a lot to me and I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the healing work and thank you for all ur support. Luv nipa”

Smadar Y., New York City "I LOVED that your teaching about the Chakras.  Most people know a lot about the Chakras and yet your explanation about each and every one of them allowed deep connection and exploration of the Chakras.  It was a great preparation for the journey. Having a chance to do writing was wonderful because it connected me (I am sure others too) to my heart and what is it that I want.  I loved that it was connected to each Chakra as it allowed us to address various needs and desires. The journey was powerful!!!!!  I really went deep... I can tell you that this was the first time that I have seen the essence of my heart.  I could also see wounding at the outer layers of my heart but could also see that the core of my heart can never be injured as it is pure energy.  I have done many journeys in my life... this is the first time I saw and felt it.  That is huge!!!!  Completing the workshop with offering ideas on how to use the various mantras was great.  I can tell you that I have been practicing it in the past two days. I felt that the group was totally there and that you created a sacred space to go deep."

Guillaume Is a leader. He can bring a lot of good to this world. He can guide you to the path of finding yourself. We all wear masks and try to hide our fears and uncertainties. Guillaume can relieve you from a great deal of pain and teach you how to regenerate yourself and heal yourself. You can trust him he will know how to lead you to your truth and path. I have experienced a huge amount of healing after a session with him. I highly recommend the experience.
— Sophie P., New York

Emil D., New York City "I met Guillaume in a very low point in my life. I really didn't know what to do. My life looked pretty bleak and I figured I was going to have to get used to feeling this way. The pain and sorrow I felt seemed impossible to get past and I didn't think I would ever begin to feel like myself again. I felt doomed to feel scared and alone forever. Working with Guillaume changed all of that. Guillaume showed me how to see the good in myself in a time when I could only see the bad. I am so grateful to Guillaume and that I found him in a time  when I need him most."

Jean-Philippe L., France "They usually know French people to be cartesian. I personally don't go that way and a recent experience might depict that. A spinal chord injury had left me an almost professional wheelchair user. The surgeon had told me I should recover but at a very slow pace. That was Twelve years ago. You can understand the various stages I went thru... Lately I got the real chance to exchange thru Skype with Guillaume when he conducted a remote ‪#‎Reiki‬ session. Believe me it helps me a lot! Not only by the new sensations I feel in my legs and giving me the conviction and faith in a prompt recovery. It also changed my mind/spirit granting me more patience, optimism, hope. I don't anymore consider the regeneration of the nervous system in my legs as a dream but as something under way. Thanks a lot Guillaume"

An incredible experience. I wish I was taught this since I was born by Guillaume. I am so grateful he was my guide. He truly is magical. I call him the doctor of energy. He allows you to learn how to give and receive with your own body as well as with others.
— Maria E., NYC, NY

Hannah N., London "Guillaume is an incredibly intuitive and profound healer. There is a beautiful and integrity behind his work that is rare to find with such ease during these often challenging times... yet connecting with Guillaume was effortless and magical all at once. I have been truly blessed to have had this opportunity. I have been able to share one of the greatest transformations of my life with Guillaume and had the support and guidance from him throughout this journey. What is even more amazing is that we have not met in person to date. This has all been done through the internet platform which I must admit to most would seem unreal, however the support, love and guidance that Guillaume can impart even from far away is truly something special and to be experienced. Thank you Guillaume for helping me stay connected to my light and assisting me in remembering to flow in all the directions that I need to go. You have been with me on this journey more than some that have been by my side, a beautiful reminder that we are beings that transcend that of the physical world and for this I am eternally grateful."

Ursula N., California “Whatever it is you want to do, find the person who does it best. Then see if they will teach you. There is no intellectual explanation able to explain how I met Guillaume’s work. After many struggles with traumas, abuses and other health related issues, I ended up searching for an answer. Even thought, having learned holistic techniques as Reiki to help my understanding and amplifying my consciousness, I was still living in duality. I was focusing my life from an ego-based perspective. Once I started shifting my thoughts towards “what I was seeking” indeed I found out “was seeking me”, things started to follow into place, guiding me towards my natural path, my calling, which is human rights. I have to admitted, I was skeptical. Reading about Guillaume’s work, his humanitarian example and leadership made me go further to know his work better. Guillaume was a fundamental person to guide me through my doubts, fears, and traumas. He has a very profound knowledge about what he is doing; he has passion for it and compassion towards others. I have decide to surrender and experience a Shamanic remote healing from him. Words cannot describe how beautiful and powerful it was. All divine guidance and interference were there. Many roots of today’s problems were address, cutting and releasing energy blocks that no longer served me. If I write in details, would become an article. Guillaume is not only a leader, a seeker; he is an incredible teacher and healer. There are no words to explain how the divine realm works, this is something we need to experience for ourselves, and Guillaume makes us feel safe during this process of removing layers, revealing who we are and always were. Thank you Guillaume! Many blessings on your journey! The world will be a better place if more people think and act like you!"

A night at The Sanctuary, I can honestly say-was one of the most powerful nights of ‪healing‬ in my life. This coming from someone who has been doing many years of healing work, in many modalities, with many teachers and a teacher myself.
— Navah A., New York City

Ursula N., California “Whatever it is you want to do, find the person who does it best. Then see if they will teach you. There is no intellectual explanation able to explain how I met Guillaume’s work. A very well known quote from The Alchemist, book by Paulo Coelho, says: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” After many struggles with traumas, abuses and other health related issues, I ended up searching for an answer. Even thought, having learned holistic techniques as Reiki to help my understanding and amplifying my consciousness, I was still living in duality. I was focusing my life from an ego-based perspective. Once I started shifting my thoughts towards “what I was seeking” indeed I found out “was seeking me”, things started to follow into place, guiding me towards my natural path, my calling, which is human rights. I have to admitted, I was skeptical. Reading about Guillaume’s work, his humanitarian example and leadership made me go further to know his work better. Guillaume was a fundamental person to guide me through my doubts, fears, and traumas. He has a very profound knowledge about what he is doing; he has passion for it and compassion towards others. I have decide to surrender and experience a Shamanic remote healing from him. Words cannot describe how beautiful and powerful it was. All divine guidance and interference were there. Many roots of today’s problems were address, cutting and releasing energy blocks that no longer served me. If I write in details, would become an article. Guillaume is not only a leader, a seeker; he is an incredible teacher and healer. There are no words to explain how the divine realm works, this is something we need to experience for ourselves, and Guillaume makes us feel safe during this process of removing layers, revealing who we are and always were. Thank you Guillaume! Many blessings on your journey! The world will be a better place if more people think and act like you!"

Natanya S., New York City “I had an amazing, revelatory experience when I did the root chakra meditation with you. I felt a level of fearlessness and ease the week that followed that meditation, and I am so grateful for your teachings, work and intentions!”

Jacqueline K., New York City “Guillaume is a natural teacher. He leads the meditation sessions with knowledge, warmth, calmness, and joy. I meditate regularly but never with the use of the seven ancient Tibetan healing bowls. Sitting in the room and feeling the vibrations of each bowl resonate with the seven chakras is a magical feeling. I always leave each session feeling refreshed, with a lighter, more grounded sense of being. In each session, Guillaume patiently works with each bowl as we silently meditate for about 45 mins. He usually gives us an explanation of the chakra of focus for the evening and reads an inspirational passage or shares an inspirational thought for us to follow during our mediation. I highly recommend that everyone follow this loving teacher who has extensively travelled on his own spiritual journey to be able to bring us his passionate expertise.”

Sophie K. New York “Life on earth is becoming more and more sophisticated and complicated. Is the human brain able or capable to absorb and/or manage it all? As you get overwhelmed over everyday stress you need to go inside and search for what needs healing. It is like a computer you need to make some space on your hard drive (brain) to be able to deal with the difficulties of life. If it is too crowded with the old stories you won’t heal. Guillaume is a true healer and he has the gift to open the gates of healing for you, so that you can create more space within you soul and brain. After a session with him everything seemed more quiet. This session allowed me to take a step back and approach life from a different angle. A healer facilitates healing and creates some space for both your souls and brain to expand. Guillaume can do exactly that for you and more. I highly recommend healing sessions with Guillaume.”

Nicole, Brooklyn “I recently went to Guillaume’s sound healing class that focused on the sacral chakra and the day before I had food poisoning and an upset stomach. I’m very sensitive to bad food and was determined to make it to his class with a sensitive tummy in hopes it would help me feel better. I also was excited to learn about each chakra. Guillaume’s class focused on the sacral chakra and if unbalanced can effect ones emotions, digestion, creativity, etc. As we were focusing on the area, two inches below the belly button, I started feeling a heaviness leave my lower torso. At the end of class I thanked Guillaume and told him how happy I was I made it to class after getting over food poisoning the day before. Guillaume agreed it would help and offered more vibration played directly on my sacral chakra with a singing bowl. The vibration here was very calming and earning. I walked out feeling rejuvenated and my appetite was coming back finally. The next morning to my surprise, I noticed my tongue after brushing my teeth was bright and a normal color. Days later my tongue is still the same. I mention this because an Acupuncturist I had seen 6 months before showed me that I had a whitish coating and only bright pink on the tip of my tongue. Which could be from digestive issues, worry, candida in the body or many other reasons. I have been watching this for months and changing my diet and wondering if this was ever going to change. I’m absolutely amazed. I had done quite a bit of research on the appearance of the tongue representing someone’s health. Thankful to have gone and experienced Guillaume’s practice and teaching. “

Bryan A., New York City “Guillaume holds space beautifully providing knowledge, tools and experience. His style meets you where you are whether just starting your practice or moving to new depths.  The healing bowls were great experience, they provided release and integration.”

Anupama N., New York City “I attended Guillaume’s meditation class at Awakening NY. Guillaume did a wonderful job of creating a calm and enjoyable space with respect to speech, sound and environment that was conducive to meditation. The guided meditation was well-structured and soothing. The meditation was also punctuated with the sounds of Tibetan healing bowls, which enhanced the focus on the chakras. The aromatherapy used was subtle yet effective in creating a soothing feeling and the environment was large enough to accommodate the participants while still feeling warm and cozy. Meditation has numerous inherent benefits and Guillaume’s class is useful for beginners and those with a regular practice. I look forward to the next class.”

Ryan F., Brooklyn “Guillaume transported me to outer space! Ok, not exactly, but I was definitely having an out of body experience. The tone of his voice harmonized with the sounds transmitted from his Tibetan bowls sent me somewhere far far way. I returned 30 minutes later fully rejuvenated, thinking only a brief moment had passed. What a vacation from the mind and treat for my soul.”

Phillia D., New York City ” Guillaume is a very special healer full of compassionate love, wisdom and understanding. And the power of his magical amazing singing healing bowls — wow! They are very very special bowls, they are not the kind you pick up from just anywhere. But years of handcrafting these special bowls for each chakra that is created under the light of a Full Moon only. Can you imagine?? I went to a chakra meditation lead by him using his bowls, and the resonance and frequencies were outstanding and so strong it filled the whole room. Each chakra I could literally feel the energies opening up expanding and moving through any blockages. By the time he did the throat, third eye and crown chakras, I felt my entire being into an energetic alignment with my inner energies playfully dancing with positivity and peace throughout. I felt blissed out, calm and really great afterwards. Then I was blessed to receive a personal one on one healing. He surrounded me and placed the bowls on my chakras when possible. His intuition knew what chakras to work on the most and which ones felt more clear. The sounds and the healing frequences, are really really powerful. When they are all vibrating together, you are really getting bathed in so much healing love and you just know something is getting shaken up inside and being put back together. What a way to start your day!

I was going through emotional and physical pain when he came to see me. I felt my light growing dimmer and a bit defeated and drained through my current life experiences. I thought during the session I was going to be overly emotional, crying out whatever tears that needed to flood out. However, I was surprised. I felt each chakra getting infused with so much loving, positive energy that just layered on top of the other chakras, until my whole body was humming. My breathing became much more steady, full and calm. I could feel my inner strength, personal power and bright light coming back, and since then, I can feel my sparkle and groove coming back! So thankful!!

He left me water infused with the frequencies attuned to the root chakra to help with my grounding and breaking free of old patterns of money scarcity. I’ve been drinking it every day since the healing, and I swear, my body, mind, heart, soul responds with more energy and discipline to continue pushing through the work I need to do to support myself and my family.
You would be so blessed to be connected to this amazing human spirit and conscious beautiful Man and to receive his teachings and gifts of healing!”

Romina D., Germany “As Guillaume offered me to do a healing session I have to admit I was quite skeptical. I never got in touch with alternative medicine before, but decided to give it a try because of the great passion he showed for this practice. The wide explanations of the sources of his philosophy he gave me, supported by his personal experiences, convinced me furthermore. Nevertheless I was very tense at the beginning. Then, after some time, I was able to get more and more involved into the treatment. The touch of G’s hands provoked a warm and comfortable feeling, the gentle pressure he applied according to my breath to different parts of the body did so too. I clearly realized some reactions to these contacts in totally other regions of my body which was intriguing to me. Afterwards I just recognized that I lost all sense of time. While trying to get aware of the effects of this very new experience, I started to cry without really knowing why. I had the strong need to be alone but it was no sadness or any bad feeling at all that took me. In retrospective I would describe it as some cleaning process that was going on because as a result I felt relieved and full of new energy to face things to come. “

Nicole S., New York City “I’ve been on a sober spiritual journey for the past 6 years.  The first yoga that resonated with my soul was Kundalini Yoga and the Gong played at the end of class. When Guillaume offered sound healing with these special Tibetan bowls, I was eager to try.  I was not expecting what happened next.  I completely locked into the vibration of the sound and relaxed every cell in my body.  The bowls were aligned with each chakra while laying on my stomach and all I could focus on was their vibration and sound.  I felt very relaxed and almost drifting into the sky and floating in the clouds.  I remember sitting up in easy pose and feeling my spine stretch to the sky. I was still somewhere in the clouds hovering perfectly in easy pose.  Calm, quiet and peaceful.  I was almost frozen comfortably in this position and felt like I could sit endlessly in this space of comfort and love.  Thank you Guillaume for your practice and healing work!  Looking forward to more sound healings by you!”

Tatiana B., California “Watching Guillaume Gauthereau working on my daughter made me very relax. Something told me that Master was at work! My daughter is 10 years old, and for her to experience this kind of healing in a desert of was highlight of her Burning Man experience. During healing session she completely left her body. I’ve never seen my daughter to trust anyone that much. She was in a deep state of meditation, and it took us half an hour to get her back into her body. As a mother I felt where my daughter was, and it was very beautiful experience for both of us! Thank you Guillaume for this experience, and we hope to have it more!”

Shaffali M., New York City “As an entrepreneur living a wellness lifestyle through practicing yoga and meditation, I was very impressed with the depth of Guillaume’s healing session. I have gotten tibetan bowl healing done a handful of times before and the sensory experience with Guillaume was the best I have experienced – I was enveloped in a beautiful vortex of sound energy. He later explained just how special his bowls are – they are made only under a full moon and take 2-3 years to make each one with several layers of metal! Guillaume’s natural healing talent as well as the very special bowls make for an deeply healing and thus satisfying session.”

Antoine R., New York City “I was excited to get a healing from Guillaume when given the opportunity. His easy going attitude and ‘joie de vivre’ being uncommon among healers, I was very curious to experience his Tibetan singing bowls session. As soon as I was laying down on the floor, I had to surrender. I felt that the bowls grounded me instantly. For the next half-hour I experienced a trance-like state and huge waves of energy came at me. The harmonics coming out from the bowls and Guillaume’s channeling really felt like he was opening my heart. I started to have dream-like visions very quickly. Upon sitting down towards the end to treat specific body pain I had, he targeted those areas and felt old trauma being released in a very short span. I’m very thankful for his gift and I hope you come to experience his love for healing in his beautiful home temple, in Callicoon, upstate New York.”