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A Symphony of Departures: Embracing Impermanence's Bittersweet Embrace

Amidst the dance of life, you shall witness the relinquishing of all. Riches, might, glory, triumphs—all shall slip away, like whispers into the wind. Even the tapestry of your memories may fade.

The mirror of your visage, once radiant, shall yield to time's tender touch. Beloved souls will embark on their eternal voyage. The vessel of your body shall yield to the touch of decay.

Yet, do not despair, for what seems etched in stone is but fleeting mist. The path of awakening beckons you to embrace this truth with unclouded gaze, to cast aside the veil of avoidance.

In this moment, we stand on hallowed ground, where what's destined to depart still lingers. To perceive this, ah, it unlocks a treasury of unspoken rapture.

Whosoever graces your days, whatever graces your world, remains untouched by fate's cruel hand. Seemingly mundane, this revelation holds the universe's very essence—the why, the how, the very heartbeat of existence.

For in impermanence's embrace, every being, every moment, gleams with sanctity. Gratitude, deep as the ocean, swells within, for loss has woven the fabric of your life into an altar, an offering to the cosmos.

Angell Deer

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