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Allowing Pain to be the Teacher

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I know this is probably very hard to truly hear if you are in pain right now. For me sometimes I really don't "agree" with this way... And I know it might not "make sense" to the Ego why it has to be that way. I have learned that what makes sense to the Ego is rarely what serves the highest good for us, and for humanity.

But it is through the pain, that the greatest lessons are learned. You can find this truth in all ancient scriptures from the Hebrew Bible to the Bhagavad Gita. From the Heroes journey of Ulysses to the one of Siddhārtha Gautama. From the life of St Francis of Assisi to the one of Nelson Mandela.

In the pain is the answer, in the pain is the gift, the doorway into a new you, a new life, a new Earth.

One of the ways I learned to work with pain over the last 15 years of my committed spiritual path (after spending most of my life trying to Numb the pain), is to talk and relate to pain as a teacher. A tough but LOVING ONE. Like a strong loving grandmother or grandfather.

A teacher who is pushing us to move away from where we are. Pushing hard against the construct of our belief system, identity, behaviors, addictions, young wounded parts, and Ego armors.

The highest the pain, the biggest the armors which have to be seen and dismantled, destroyed. The highest the pain, the highest are the resistance of the Ego, the small self power.

So YES, Pain is a LOUD teacher, so you can finally listen and HEAR.

Pain is a STRONG teacher, so you can be pushed over the edge and fall deep in the ground to be re-seeded and GROW.

Pain is a STRIPPING AWAY teacher, so you can lose in order to GAIN.

Pain is a BURNING BRIGHT FIRE teacher, so what needs to be burned won't resist the flame of his love, so you can be reborn from your ashes.

Pain will often BLIND YOU and bring you into the darkest places, so you can see inside of you the LIGHT of your own being.

So do not fear pain. Numbness is to be feared way more.

Do not fight pain. Do not fly away from pain. Pain is not the enemy, ignorance is.

Bow with respect and gratitude to Pain. Listen deeply. Surrender fully. Fall to your depth.

So you can rise, anew, and soar, like an Eagle... ❤️

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