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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

A powerful and well-written article in a major outlet, The Guardian, about plant medicine and how it's impacting humanity consciousness, environmental protection, and overall awakening towards a different world. Plant medicine is one of many tools to help each and every one of us heal our mind body and spirit. From food to teas, from tinctures to ceremonies, plants can help you shift deep traumas into deep strength, bring shadows into Light, bring Joy into pain.

I use plants very often to support people coaching & healing work as I have seen how it change deeply the support one person can have in its transformation. I also recorded some videos around this like "why coaching & healing are best friends".

I remembered being astonished during my Ph.D. studies when I learned that Chlorophyll and Hemoglobin, have almost the same formula & structure. The "blood" of trees and our blood have clear astonishing genetical similarities.

They feed mainly just on LIGHT and that's their gift to us...

Plants and trees are our ancestors, they are our oldest grandparents in our family tree. And for that reason, we are connected to them in ways western medicine and artificial chemistry can't "re-create" (which does not mean western medicine can not be extremely useful and powerful in many needs).

The issue is that often today we act like young spoiled children who do not want to listen to the wisdom of their grandparents (the plants and trees)...

Yet they know us. AND we know them in the deepest part of our DNA, genetic makeup, and soul. And that is why they "plug" inside us in a much broader and potent way.

If you listen to them, they will teach you.

If you work with them, they will heal you.

If WE listen to them, we will survive our global insanity.

I encourage you to explore this subject...


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