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Are you listening to your Sacred Song?

There is a sacred song inside you that is always trying to be heard. Have you heard it?

This sacred song, this Icaro, aligns with the Creator, your soul, your life, and your purpose.

It is a magical vibration that creates a crystal bridge between God, your soul, and the manifestation of your dreams.

sacred song

Everything we do, think, say, eat, write, read, listen to, create, give attention to, and who we spend time with is either aligned with the life we want to create or not aligned with it.

All of it is a part of that song. A vibrational invitation of truth into our lives.

We can always inquire more deeply into our habits, feelings, patterns, and desires and see if they align with the life we want to create. If they are part of our sacred song.

Often, we can find some misalignments that need to be corrected. Sometimes very small, sometimes quite significant.

Often, the song we hear is not our song. It was learned, conditioned, and distorted by the voices of others. And miss to include the wise ones, the trees, lands, and sacred waters. So, it will often exclude those who genuinely need your sacred song.

Often, we can see how we might create patterns that prevent the song from flowing, the song to heal our soul. The vibration of trauma, the echo of the past, can be a temporary invitation to listen more deeply to hear the song behind the screaming body.

Does how I consume, speak, write, relate, and live bring me closer to the life I want?

To the community I crave?

To the belonging I starve for?

To the world I want to live in?

As we fine-tune our lives, we fine-tune our instruments. We fine-tune our song. So that great heart song, soul song, that Icaro, can heal our soul and world.

What is in the way?

What are we resisting?

What are we running away from?

What desperately wants to be heard?

As Tito La Rosa, maestro of sound, dear friend, and teacher, often reminded me, "Silence" is the most critical sound. Without it, there would be no music, sacred sound, and no possibility of magical co-creation with the Creator. Silence is the bridge between all. The seed of all creation.

The way in is by listening. Deep listening.

The way in is through devotion to silence, the ultimate teacher.

Then, the song will arise from infinity to infinity.

It will support the life we are trying to create.

It will be God speaking through us.

It will bring us all together.

It will be our sacred song.

Angell Deer 

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