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From Violence to Compassion: Awakening Humanity's Interconnectedness

With the sacred circle ablaze, it may appear contrary to venture inward.

However, in this realm of shamanic wisdom and animistic teachings, we discern that it is our paramount task in these dire times.

To unveil the dormant spirit, to restore harmony, to soften the heart where it is hardened, to bring compassion and love where there is hatred, and to rekindle our awareness of the interconnectedness of all existence.

We strive to break free from the illusion of fear, violence, hatred, and the illusion of separation.

Warfare resides as a horrific illusion, rooted in the false assumption that our tribulations can be

remedied through bloodshed and aggression.

Warfare is a consequence of systems of power, oppression, greed, capitalism, and colonialism.

We need to slow down to allow all to be felt without re-acting. To let the bodies regulate so we do not re-act from our ancient and often violent reptilian brain.

We must go more deeply inward to avoid adding fire to the fire and let our grieving waters flow. Without grieving, anger and vengeance will keep fueling this world and our lives.

We must listen more deeply so we can feel the pain behind the anger and hate. The despair behind the pain. The loving and friendly soul behind the despair.

The time to awaken is always upon us. The time to make a different choice is always upon us.

We send peace, love, and forgiveness to all sentient beings.

On this sacred day, our prayers reverberate for the healing of all beings.

We call for the other perspective, the condor and eagle view, that can only be seen once our own unknown and buried shadows have been seen and transmuted.

Today, our prayers ascend towards every corner of existence, praying for the sanctuary and safeguarding of all sentient beings.

We are one family, and there will be no peace until we each remember and decide to walk and embody this truth courageously.

Despite how impossible it may seem sometimes, it is the only way out of all suffering. With a tender heart,

Angell Deer

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