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How avoiding pain makes you avoid pleasure

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Pain and pleasure are the two extreme points of the same pendulum. As are death and life.

We want to experience life to the fullest, but when confronting to the pain we do not want to feel it fully. We slow down the pendulum. We do not allow it to go into full swing.

Our nervous system can open or close. When we shut down feeling, because of pain, we prevent ourselves to fully feel not only pain but also pleasure. It is the same network that carries pain and pleasure.

We blind ourselves into apparent healing when in truth we just jump into emotional and spiritual by-passing. A very common embodied emotional numbing in society and also often in the spiritual community. We focus on light to avoid seeing the dark and feeling it. We build stories of love and joy on top of layers of profound anger, distrust, and lack of self-love.

We hide our shame behind our prayers...

We are tormented and angered by the terror in the world while letting our inner terror angering and devouring our body, mind, and spirit...

We pretend to love our self when we often hate our bodies, some of our emotions and many of our mental habits.

We talk about loving everyone when in truth we don't like our self that much.

We end up avoiding life to avoid death. We end up avoiding pleasure to avoid pain. We see fear before we see love. We feel separation before we feel unity. We resent more than we forgive...

What if we choose the other way around with our self and with others?

What if we truly learn to love fully before we judge?

What if we truly learn to accept before we separate?

What if we took the risk to trust before we run away?

Want to join me on this adventure?

I can only love you fully because I learned to love myself fully... ❤️

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