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Intuition vs. Ego

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

In a world where we are mainly running our lives from the "mind" instead of the "heart", the decisions we take and how we see and interact with other people are often driven by the Ego, also called the small-Self. Yet we are born with an infinite wisdom, in our Heart, in our Soul, which allow us to take much better decisions, to see other more fully, to allow greater abundance in our lives. It is that place of intuition, of what is also called our Higher-Self. In this podcast, I explore this fascinating subject and present some tools which can allow you to expand your heart space, and allow a higher wisdom to fill your life. Abundance, everlasting Joy, Truth, Trust, Expansion, Love, are all born from the higher-self, not the small-self. From the Heart, not from the Mind. Learn how to start observing if you are running your life more from a place of Intuition or from a place of Ego... And take action! Listen to the podcast here.

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