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Join our 2022 creations!

Collaboration. Symbiosis. Creation. Myceliumystic wisdom. Resilience. Direct Communion-cation. Nature always invites us to clear our prayers for the collective good.

There is no ego or hidden agenda in nature. All are on display for our eyes and heart to see. Yet it requires slowing down immensely to see and hear what is beneath the surface.

As we are building our 2022 collaborations and support networks at the sanctuary, I wanted to outline here some of our goals:

- Build a store to give access to the community creations

- Build a chicken coop and welcome 7 chickens on the land for eggs and compost production + tick prevention

- Build and open a state of the art recording and production nature music studio

- Create a Deer Medicine @deerspiritmedicine


- Launch a line of herbal and mushroom supplements for the health of our community

- Expand the volunteering on land programs for permaculture and land caretaking

- Plant 30+ native trees and "food forest" settings to restore the ancient land abundance

- Build a "Mushroom farm" site for medicinal mushroom production

- Expand the forest school offering with @thewizardschool

- Expand class co-création with some very talented teachers

None of those projects would be possible without the collaboration, ideas, support, skills, and wisdom of a group of amazing people that have reached out to create this offering. As in Nature, without collaboration, symbiosis, and mutually beneficial relationships nothing can authentically thrive and be sustainable.

If you feel called to help, bring your skills, time, love of nature, love of healthy lifestyle, and are inspired by returning to the land, reach out...

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2 comentarios

How can I join to help?💙✨

Me gusta
Angell Deer
Angell Deer
05 feb 2022
Contestando a

It depends what you feel call to support, skills, time, funds, what is calling you... Let us know!

Me gusta

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