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Let's reclaim our divinity!

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Let's reclaim our divinity.

In this day of celebrating Mother Mary, let's celebrate the beauty, strength, wisdom, and power of the Sacred Feminine, and of our Home, Mother Earth.

May we all, especially men, learn to walk in harmony with the source of creation. May we as men understand how to wisely let our divine feminine come dance with our divine masculine to co-create beauty and Love in this world.

Some of the greatest gifts I received in my life were through allowing my divine feminine to open.

Allowing myself...








To have FAITH.



All God's innate qualities.

Learning to dance with both our masculine and feminine, as men or women or any gender we define yourself with, is a difficult skill at time. Not getting too goal oriented and in the doing. Or not getting too in the being and forgot to act.

Staying firm, yet soft.

Determined, yet open.

Strong, yet gentle.

As we do this we can allow ourselves to be closer to our inner dance, the union between both forces.

In tantric work, as in life, we can only access higher wisdom and connection to the divine through that dance. A dance we need not only to nurture within ourselves but also with others. When the divine masculine, meet the divine feminine, in a conscious connection, in conscious touch, some of the greatest healing can happen. It is a re-union with the source, a re-union with our Home.

I have also witnessed that it was only through my own inner work of healing my masculine and my feminine, that I was able to hold a more holy, sacred and authentic space for the women and men I work with. Only by embodying more deeply those qualities can I allow others to find theirs. And only when you embody those, can you help me find mine.

It's a dance. A dance where we need each other to reach mastery.

Let's reclaim our sacred masculine. Let's reclaim our sacred feminine. Let's reclaim our wholeness. Let's reclaim our divinity.

I wanted on this special day, share this song, Diu vi Salvi Regina, from my homeland Corsica where Mother Mary is the patron of the island and where traditionally men sing this song a Capella in her honor.

And share this beautiful poem to remind us of our life of Service. We are all Mary...

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