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My Prayer for Humanity for this New Year

Traditionally in our western world, we see the end of a cycle on December 31st. And the beginning of a new one on January 1st. This is very disconnected from Nature wisdom, ancient wisdom, and YOUR wisdom!

Traditionally ancient societies were looking at the end of a cycle more at a time of death & rebirth.

From the Persian New Year (Nowruz) and its Zoroastrian origins, celebrated for over 3000 years on March 21st at the first day of Spring, to the ancient Egyptians considering the annual flooding of the Nile as the end & beginning of a new cycle (of Death, and rebirth). One of the common themes across ancient civilizations was to look at the time of the rebirth of Nature (Spring) and the seed planting season for the beginning of new cycles.

So, for us, to celebrate New Year is more based on a “counter Nature rule” than Nature-based wisdom.

This is another mirror of our profound disconnection with Nature, with our Nature. It does not take much wisdom to witness how our world is totally disconnected from Nature, and how, as a consequence, Nature, and us, are suffering terrible consequences from this commonly accepted insanity.

I want to offer you here a way to reconnect to your ancestral cycle. Your Health. Your Nature. Your wilderness. The inner beauty of your inner wisdom. By doing so you can reconnect to your innate power, and your innate capacity to Heal.

In doing this all together, we can Heal our Humanity, and we can Heal our Home, our Mother, the Earth. It is my belief that it is essential in those times of global ecological collapse (we have entered the 6th mass extinction), that we reconnect, daily, with our Nature, with our Home, that we deeply fall back in Love with our crying Mother.

So, here is my Prayer (in English and French), for this New Year. May we feel this prayer deep in our bones, and may this prayer be heard by the Creator, the Great Mystery.


Oh Great Mystery, Great Spirit,

Help me remember that I am Fire. That the Eternal Fire of your creation burns in my Heart. May you allow me to Pray for all the Fires. The Fires of all my Relations. May this Fire burn away our ignorance, our fears, our pain, so we can open every morning to the infinite Gratitude of the gift of Life. May this Fire ignites my Prayers, my Will to change, my Courage to face my Mission, my willingness to embrace my Path.

Help me remember that I am Water. That the Pure and Clear Water of my body, of my blood, flow inside of me and bath me with the Clarity I need for my Life. May all my relations have clean water. May all the Waters be free. May all the Water keep flowing. May the Water of my tears release my sorrows and deep pain for the loss of my connection to Divine Flow. May the Vibration of the Water bring the Wisdom I need to keep flowing, to keep letting go, to keep nourishing my Life.

Help me remember that I am Air. That the gift of my Breath is the medicine I need to heal my Life. May I hear the whispering of my ancestors in the wind. May this wind carry my prayers back to you. May I remember that I share this breath with all my relations, and may that Breath make me feel the universal Unity with all them, and release my Ego from the illusion of separation. May I release with every breath any pain, sadness, sorrow into the wind. May I breathe in Life into the depth of my body. May my breath, through my voice, carry good healing prayers to all my relations. May I speak with a soft voice to myself and to relations.

Help me remember that I am Earth. That my body is made of this very Earth I walk on. May I remember to Love this body, this Earth as the most sacred gift you sent to me. May I always Love all my relations and may I share this Earth in peace, harmony and humbleness with all of them.

May I remember to ground myself in my humanness, accepting the Gift of my beautiful Human life.

May all my words, actions, and prayers include the unconditional Love for this Earth.

I thank you Great Spirit, Great Mystery, for the Fire, the Waters, the Air, and the Earth. I thank you for your prayers of Gratitude, of Clarity, of Unity and of Love. I humbly ask you to receive my prayers and to give me the strength, the courage and the will to embrace this new day without forgetting for a second why I am here: to serve, and who I am here to serve: my relations, all my relations.


Angell Deer


Oh Grand Mystère, Grand Esprit,

Aide-moi à me rappeler que je suis le Feu. Que le feu éternel de ta création brûle dans mon cœur. Donne moi le pouvoir de prier pour tous les feux. Les feux de toutes mes relations. Puisse ce feu brûler notre ignorance, nos peurs, notre douleur, afin que nous puissions chaque matin nous ouvrir à la gratitude infinie du don de la vie. Puisse ce feu enflammer mes prières, ma volonté de changer, mon courage d'affronter ma mission, ma volonté d'embrasser mon chemin.

Aide-moi à me rappeler que je suis l'Eau. Que l'eau pure et claire de mon corps, de mon sang, coule à l'intérieur de moi et me baigne avec la clarté dont j'ai besoin pour ma vie. Que toutes mes relations aient de l'eau pure. Que toutes les eaux soient libres. Que toute les eaux continue de couler. Puisse l'eau de mes larmes libérer mes chagrins et ma douleur profonde pour la perte de mon lien avec le Flux Divin. Puisse la vibration de l'eau apporter la sagesse dont j'ai besoin pour continuer d’avancer, de continuer à me laisser aller, de continuer à nourrir ma vie.

Aide-moi à me rappeler que je suis l’Air. Que le don de mon souffle est le médicament dont j'ai besoin pour guérir ma vie. Que je puisse entendre les chuchotements de mes ancêtres dans le vent.

Puisse ce vent te faire entendre mes prières. Que je puisse me souvenir que je partage ce souffle avec toutes mes relations et que ce Souffle me fasse ressentir l'Unité universelle avec tous et libère mon Ego de l'illusion de la séparation. Que je puisse libérer à chaque souffle toute douleur, tristesse, chagrin dans le vent. Que je puisse respirer la vie dans la profondeur de mon corps. Que mon souffle et ma voix, porte de bonnes prières de guérison à toutes mes relations. Que je puisse parler d'une voix douce à moi-même et aux autres.

Aide-moi à me rappeler que je suis la Terre. Que mon corps est fait de cette Terre sur laquelle je marche. Puis-je me souvenir d'aimer ce corps, cette Terre comme le cadeau le plus sacré que tu m'as donné. Puis-je toujours aimer toutes mes relations et que je partage cette terre dans la paix, l’harmonie et l’humilité avec tous. Que je me souvienne de m'ancré dans mon humanité, en acceptant le cadeau de ma belle vie humaine. Puisse toutes mes paroles, actions et prières inclure l'amour inconditionnel pour cette Terre.

Je te remercie, Grand Esprit, Grand Mystère, pour le Feu, l’Eau, l’Air et la Terre. Je te remercie pour tes prières de gratitude, de clarté, d'unité et d'amour. Je te demande humblement de recevoir mes prières et de me donner la force, le courage et la volonté d’embrasser ce nouveau jour sans oublier un instant pourquoi je suis ici: pour servir, et pour qui je suis ici: mes relations, tous mes relations.


Angell Deer

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