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Rediscovering the flow in your life...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Have you ever wondered why sometimes life does not happen as you wished? Why does it feel like everything is a struggle and need to be fought for?

I am just back from 4 months in Peru and in Bali, where I went through a deep transformation, exploring the depth of my Heart and peeling deeper layers I never saw before. But the most profound opening I experienced is the connection to the Sacred Waters and the Divine Feminine.

In a world overly dominated by a dying patriarchy, we often believe that to "get what we want" we need to use force, we need to do, act and fall into deep persuasion. And yet the whole planet and the rivers are showing us that the way into God, the Divine, the flow of the Universe, is to open our feminine attributes: receiving, allowing, embracing, being, nurturing.

The wild rivers (here the beautiful Delaware River near The Sanctuary) reminded me of this ancient and yet essential Truth. We can trust the flow. We can trust just being and allowing. We can open way more power if we tap into the surrendering and faith into something greater than ourselves. The river does not worry about whats coming next, about the Ocean she will dissolve in. She does not dwell in her past as a Spring. She does not try to control her flow. No resistance. No doing. Just being.

So if the river has known how to be for millions of years, and is still as alive and as strong, why don't you always trust your flow and try to control it?

You are born from the same creator. You are going back into the same ocean. You are made of the same Sacred Waters.

We cannot expect our world, our leaders, our communities, to change into a more fluid, embracing, feminine power if we do not as individuals surrender to the same forces. We don't have to DO the changes we want to see in the world. WE HAVE TO BE the changes we want to see in the world.

And yes action is needed! But not before being, not before receiving the gift, the call, the wisdom. The river flows she does not stop or hold back, but first, she IS the river, she embodies it, she surrenders to her power... God sends us what we need. We don't need to look for it. But then we need to act.

In the Lakota tradition, the word hope does not exist. When I asked an elder about it he told me: "We do not have this word. Because we have prayers & actions. That is all that is needed...".

Your struggle, your pain, your resistances, will dissolve if you sit by the wild rivers, if you listen to the Sacred Waters, if you allow and join them, and me, in trusting your Divine Flow... And it is in your heart and in your body, that this wisdom is always alive, below the foggy layers of the confused mind.

I hope to see you soon at The Sanctuary, or in one of our workshops or retreats, where we will call upon those forces, those Spirits, to show you this ancient Truth you always carry within you. We will learn and experience how to drop deeper into our Hearts and our bodies, where our Sacred waters reside.

With love, Guillaume / Shawinigan Ungaia

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