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Rejection. Self-Rejection.

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Rejection. Self-Rejection.

Love. Self-Love.

If I experience self-rejection, I will be afraid of rejection.

If I experience conditional self-love, I will be afraid of unconditional Love.

We are not afraid of rejection. We are afraid of being fully seen. We are afraid that the parts of us we are ashamed of and hide, might not be lovable.

We are not afraid of Love. We are afraid of not being able to fully Love ourselves and have hidden that shame, and pain, behind our identity masks.

That fear of rejection, of intimate connection, of deep love, is ultimately a fear to connect with love to the unloved parts of us. If I do not love some parts of me, how can I ever believe someone else will love them!

What if those parts only demands were to be fully seen, fully felt? What if those parts of us we hate and reject, were only waiting and asking for our love to finally heal?

The big question we are left with is:

Can I love the "unloveable" in me?

It is the main path and foundation for deep intimacy, with you, with others and with the world.

Shawinigan Ungaia / The Sanctuary

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