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Stop the war on your Pain...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

We live in a culture and society which has made pain the enemy. Everything from painkillers to alcohol, social activities to drugs, is designed to make us believe it is better to not feel the pain.

To Kill it.

We have a war on pain. We have a war on feeling (We even deny that all animals and plants can feel and treat them like an object of trade). That war on feeling is another expression of the war we have on the feminine (And as a consequence on the sacred masculine). On the Earth. On dreamers. And on anything and anyone who might offer an alternative way, who might have a healing solution and not a numbing solution.

We believe fighting is stronger than feeling. And it makes as much damage on our bodies, spirits than it does to the Earth and to humanity.

Yet our bodies are designed to experience pain. Are designed to feel in depth. We are in our essence spirits of love who are craving feeling to BE.

I often get asked why do we have to suffer? My view is that pain is not here to make us suffer for the sake of it, but to call our attention to what needs to be seen, learned, understood

From body pain to emotional suffering like anger or anxiety, from mental cloudiness to spiritual disconnection, from community pain to humanity pains, those feelings are pointers to where we are misaligned in our lives.

It is the way for Spirit to talk to us and to help us find a better path.

As we enter numbing activities, to "change our mind" or to avoid the pain, we will not only delay the lesson, but we will increase the loudness of God's calling for our highest good.

It definitely takes courage to stop any numbing behavior (alcohol, drugs, sugar, busy-ness, etc) but it's the only way to go through pain and free our-self. It also takes a strong support system around us.

To all of you who are seeking those new ways know that there are out there many organizations, people who are ready to listen, who went through this before.

Your pain is not unique to you, it has been and is universally experienced by many others.

May we all always remember to listen, to ask for help, and to recognize that it is in those most painful moments that Spirit is the closest to us...

I devoted my path to help those who need support. Always know that one of your biggest life shift might just be one call or one email away from you.

Reach out, you are never alone.

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