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The choice of Love over Fear

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I have been on the edge of the precipice so many times in my life. Having reached a growth pic but knowing another great adventure was ahead.

Yet it always came with deep fears of letting go of the known, the familiar, what I often called "the safe". The known came in multiple shapes from a partner, a wife, a job, a company, a lifestyle, a city or country I lived in, a friendship, a family. The issue in seeing the familiar and known as safe is that I was confusing comfort for safety. And in doing so I was trading off growth for stagnation.

We are looking at a situation, or at the present, with our old lenses, our old stories, our old knowing. With the most profound mistake of all, thinking that now we know.

Yet it is only in venturing in unknown territories, in the scary parts of my heart, soul, and life, in embracing the new and its potential for creation that I always discovered what was possible. What I was truly made of... Like the river was teaching me a few days ago, the need to embrace our flow not being attached to one valley. She was not scared of not knowing what was around the corner. Totally releasing control by allowing faith and Love to carry her and me.

This dropping in what I would call ultimate surrender is the only place miracles can be born. Because it is in those places that we do not hold our wounds, past stories and self-worth issues so close that we can't allow any metamorphosis to happen. It is also the only place where we can experience for a moment the freedom of being reborn without the entanglement of our inner child.

So yes I am scared. Over and over again. But I feel stronger to face the unknown. Not from a place of knowing, but from a place of deeper faith in the unknowingness. Not from a place of safe illusion created by my mind, but from a place of deeper surrender into my heart.

I don't want to live any other life than the One where I always choose love over fear.

And I honestly don't think there are other ways to find our self. To know our self. To love our self. And to ultimately heal the world from a place of deep compassion and empathy for our beautiful powerlessness.

And maybe that is what true power is about...

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