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The cosmic tales of our hearts

The cosmic tales of our Hearts

In the rhythmic pulses of my heart unfolds a rich cosmos of cherished tales.

A Tree in my Heart tells me to stand tall, reach for the stars, love the wind and rain as much as the sun, and ask me to stay rooted in my mother.

A Flower in my Heart tells me to blossom every year, to give my perfume to my relations, to show the bounty of the Earth, and to give colors to this world.

A Stag in my Heart tells me to be gentle yet fierce, jump above the obstacles, and land softly on the Earth.

A Lightning in my Heart keeps illuminating my blood and my breath, showing me that any crack will ultimately be filled with Light.

A Medicine man in my Heart whispers the wisdom of the stars and of my ancestors, shows me how to carry medicine in my words and actions, and secretly heals me when I am sick.

A Warrior in my Heart gives me a sword when I have to fight, tells me which path to take for victory, and gives me the courage to stand again after all difficult battles.

A Dragon in my Heart tells me to burn the darkness, illuminate the path, be rebirthed when I fall, and hold the Sacred Fire with my community.

An Eagle in my Heart shows me how to fly above the highest mountains, hunt for food, see the broader and wiser vision, and that some feathers must be given for the Sacred Prayers.

A Song in my Heart that comes from the depths of my soul always shows me the way of my truth and will always fit in the symphony of the Universe.

A Smile in my Heart reminds me to be grateful and joyful, gives me the strength to surrender at the unknowing quest, and makes me gentler when hurt.

A Crack in my Heart is the map of the battle I have to fight in this Life, yet it allows the Light to enter and can open me to compassion and unconditional Love.

An Imperfection in my Heart is there to keep my Ego on track, guide me toward more empathy, and teach me to be perfectly imperfect.

A Star in my heart guides me through the darkest night, connects me to my ancient star families, and teaches me how to sail across the energetic storms of the world.

A Bee in my Heart gathers honey to sweeten my Life when it becomes bitter, reminds me that my sting can kill me, too, and shows me the power of collaboration and communities.

A Child in My Heart reminds me to play with Life, make sand castles and snowmen more often, smile at strangers, and not take everything too seriously.

In my Heart, a Creator, the Great Mystery, guides, loves, sees, protects, teaches, and reminds me that those Hearts are the only path worth exploring and remembering.

In my Heart, in your Heart, the cosmos is unfolding.


Angell Deer

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