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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Sickness, disease, ailments, are all coming from an imbalance in your system. It can come from emotional trauma, physical trauma, family trauma, food, lifestyle, or belief system.

The stories we have about our health and well-being are like prayers. When we tell our body "I can't do it", "I am sick", "I miss that person", "I would prefer that kind of life", "I am afraid", all of those statements carry an energy, a vibration, they are a prayer.

I have seen too often people who desperately need healing and to some levels really wants it, but often as I dig into the stories, I realize that the person is still attached to the pain, the trauma, the story. It's such a known territory sometimes because it's all that has been known for so many years, that it is very hard to break the loop of the pain feeding the story and the story feeding the pain.

We go back or stay in unhealthy habits. Unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy behaviors. We go back to where the pain was, either it being an old partner or a food, behaviors or places that created the trauma and imbalance in the first place. We are not fully ready to let go of what made us sick. We keep an unhealthy job. We stay in an unhealthy home. We call back the unhealthy partner.

In truth, a part of us, not all of us, has still a gain, a deal, in the old situation. So really until we have had enough and we are able to see those patterns, we keep falling back. We keep feeding the hungry trauma monster. Until life, as it has become unacceptable we are held hostage to those stories.

Pain is painful. Yet this painful place somehow feels safer than moving forward fully, with our 2 feet and all our heart into something new, unknown, which despite its more healthy benefits is yet not totally familiar to all our parts.

Watch those parts. Watch your stories. Watch the behavior. Watch your words, they are prayers. Watch the falling back, the nostalgia of the known yet painful past.

Feel it. With all your heart. And when ready. When on your knees. When the unacceptable meets you, jump into your healing. Into your power. Into your Truth. ❤️

Shawinigan Ungaia / The Sanctuary


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