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The Path of Action through Love

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Some days the world suffering and pain can be very overwhelming. If you watch the news you might be drawn down and brainwashed into a culture of fear, scarcity, and violence.

Yet there is another path. A path of Love. That might sound very cliche or utopian but it is in fact truly avant-garde and revolutionary.

The path of Love, for Self and for others, require great courage, determination, and a strong centered peaceful core. All this does not happen on its own. It needs to be cultivated, daily, like a beautiful garden.

Not being discouraged also ask of us to step up and gather our inner resources to foster more love, kindness, and peace in our lives. Starting with our self. Our self-talk and thoughts pattern. A sick mind cannot heal a sick world. Yet too often I witness people incline to re-act, judge or to a more extreme way disconnecting from others in a light bubble of an "enlighten" community.

But this is not what is asked of us. This is not what God's wants for us. She wants us to stay in the storm, at the middle of it, and be the safe, calm, peaceful, loving warrior. She wants us to see the unity with those who trigger us or might act selfishly or violently. She wants us to reach out with compassion to those who are angry, violent and therefore in pain. She wants us to remember we have a mission, a mission of peace, of compassion, of love.

So yes we have a duty to act. To vote. To connect. To embrace. To feel. To be the fire of change in the darkness. We have to avoid running away or thinking our path is to be just with those who look like us, think like us, pray like us, act like us. That's easy to do as it is, in fact, being with your self.

But can you be with those who truly need you:

Those who reject you? Those who distrust you? Those who laugh at you? Those who separate from you?

Can you be there from a place of Love? Can you start acting and stop reacting?

Yes, you can. We can. We have to. Now.


Shawinigan Ungaia /

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