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The Path of the Wind

In the beginning, there was the Great Spirit, who infused the earth with life, energy, and love, and from this endless well, the souls of all beings emerged. Within this world, two paths existed: the Path of the Root and the Path of the Wind.

The Spiritual Path of the Wind

Some, like the ancient trees, travel not an inch from where their seed first touched the earth. They sink roots deep and embrace their place in the world with quiet strength and gentle acceptance.

They dance to the rhythm of the sun and the moon, content in their place in the Great Circle, nurturing life around them with their steady presence. They heed not the calls of distant shores, for their spirits resonate with the deep hum of the land that cradles them. To others, this may seem a quiet, unambitious existence, but their role is vital in the grand tapestry of life.

I, however, am a child of the Wind. My soul came to this world during a fierce gale, destined always to follow the whispers that breeze through the leaves, the songs that ride the storms, the magic that weaved the tapestry of life. We, the seekers, the children of the Wind, are as numerous as the stars that pepper the night sky.

Our hearts are not heavy with sorrow, nor are our mouths forever curved in a silent cry of delight; we exist between the beats of the earth's heart, ever questing for understanding, ever yearning for connection.

Within the sacred journey, the children of the Wind also hear a deeper calling—a call that resounds in the silent spaces where discord reigns. It is here, in the dis-ease, the dis-harmony, and the dis-function of the world, that our spirits are summoned. We are the seekers, not just of beauty, but of the liberation and the freedom of all souls entangled in the web of existence.

Our path is an eternal quest, where contentment and longing intermingle in an intricate dance. Through walking into the shadows of pain and separation, we carry the medicine of transformation, the ancient and eternal healing that mends the world's fractures.

Our journeys take us to the shores of vast waters, where the Great Spirit paints the horizon with the deep blues and greens of life's canvas. The ocean's voice speaks of ages past and the hidden depths of our own spirits. We also tread through forests thick with secrets, climb mountains that kiss the skies, seek solace in the barren beauty of deserts, and find reflections of our inner selves in the solitude of ancient sacred cities.

Our spirits know the taste of melancholy as it is the twin of joy, the shadow that defines the light. To share this dance of darkness and illumination with another soul is to touch the divine— a communion of spirits transcending earthly bounds.

We are drawn to places where the fabric of life has unraveled, for our hands hold the threads of reconnection. Our laughter, laced with the wisdom of the ages, is a salve for the weary, and our tears a purifying rain that washes away the stains of isolation.

The children of the Wind are the carriers of change, the weavers of the cosmic tapestry, always moving, always loving, never fully content nor fully unhappy. Our purpose is as boundless as the breath of the Great Spirit, aiming to bring unity where there is division and forging wholeness where there is brokenness. Thus, we walk the earth, messengers of the Great Spirit's heart and the sacred circle's restoration.

The ambition of the Children of the Wind is simple: life in its purest form. We crave beauty in its most untamed state and desire love as deep as the roots of the earth and as free as the skies above. We seek a kinship that does not bind our wandering feet nor blind us to the truths that lie beyond the horizon. Our spirit yearns not for the fierce fires of possession's passion but for the gentle warmth of a shared sunrise.

We are not those who wish to be seen as conquerors of love or who wish to walk a path paved with the accolades of others.

We are the children of the Wind, wayfarers and dreamers, souls woven from the very essence of freedom, daring to reach out to the universe and embrace all of its wonders, all that is true, all that is good, all that is beautiful.

Angell Deer

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Thank you for this ! It resonates with me deeply!


Beautiful words of Wisdom, as Always. Beautifully written.


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