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The Power of the Drum

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I am ending my time in Bali. 2 months of magical, painful, joyful release and growth, deepening faith, and expanding Love to unknown territories of my heart.

I got this new drum to mark with a sacred symbol this very powerful time here. An octagonal cow drum.

A Drum is always one of the key foundations on any shamanic path. It connects us to the voice and wisdom of Spirits, and to our inner voice and wisdom.

A Drum heals. A Drum protects. A Drum guides.

I remember when I got my first drum. And how my path was totally empowered by Him. I got a couple more since. Each with their personality. Their voice. Their Heart. Their wisdom. Their skills.

This new drum has still to be discovered but I already feel a strong warrior there. A warrior that is connecting me to the Earth. And to the waters. The waters of creation. The waters of the mothers.

To the nourishing mother Earth. I am very conscious that a cow gave her life for this drum, and I want to honor Her here, and I feel her presence already. Her peaceful and gentle energy. Her time spent in the pasture under the sun. Slowly grazing. Slowly gazing. Her Spirit will live forever through the sound of her skin. Through the voice and message, she will carry for me and those in the circle with me.

The octagon is found in baptisteries as a symbol representing eternal life as – likely because the number eight is symbolic of renewal. We see further religious architectural connections when we recognize many sacred buildings (churches, temples, etc) were designed with octagonal structures supporting a dome on top.

This interplay between circle (dome) and square (found in the angular octagon) speaks of the transitional dance between earth and heaven. The circle is symbolic of the heavens (also eternity/infinity) and the angularity of the square is symbolic of earthly presence. The unity of opposites where the circle met the square. The feminine and the masculine. In this new shape, two opposing forces or concepts find some way, not to compromise, but to actually complement each other or even synthesize and integrate their existence into one coherent entity. They are creating something more powerful than they could alone. It is the symbol of the sacred partnership. The tantric union.

I pray you humbly hear my prayers and receive me. I pray you are heard by the Hearts of Men and Women. I pray your wisdom will shower me and my circles with strength and profound revelation. I pray to be able to listen to the songs you want to share. I pray I will be the humble servant you deserve and that I will make you proud and happy. ❤️

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