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The Silent Awakening: The Rise of the Star Children

When the world seems to lose heart and hope or feel disoriented, I plunge into the ancient myth and the prophecies shared by my elders. In this new Earth year, this Spring, I want to share that old story the Elders, the Stars, the Earth, and my Heart whispered to me.

They told me that a prophecy weaved through the ages found its voice once more in a time not unlike ours, where the world trembled on the precipice of monumental change.

It spoke of the dawn of the Star Children, beings of pure light born in an era of shadows and tears, destined to guide humanity through the labyrinth of its most significant challenges and into the dawn of a new consciousness. Their arrival was foretold in ancient scripts, carved on ancient stones, whispered into the high lakes, and dreamt of by mystics as a beacon of hope amidst the tumult of transformation.

Star Children

The Earth, our venerable grandmother, had cried her tears of sorrow for far too long. Her forests lay barren, her oceans polluted, and her skies choked with the grey mist of indifference. Humanity, lost in the maze of its own making, stood at the edge, gazing into the abyss of its potential undoing. Atrocious wars were raging, witnessed by numbed hearts and bodies who could not hear the true meaning of being Human anymore.

Yet, within this great collapse, this cacophony of chaos, the seeds of change were sown.

In vast and unseen places, the Star Children began to stir in every corner of the world. The wise mothers were silently birthing a new paradigm into being. The Star Children came not with fanfare or spectacle but as silent whispers of hope, their eyes shining with the wisdom of the ages, their hearts pure and uncorrupted. These children, connected deeply to the Earth and the stars above, carried within them the light of awareness, an innate understanding of the interconnectivity of all life, and the wisdom of the Ancient.

Their message was simple yet profound: one must first heal the self to heal the world. They spoke of compassion and love as not an ideal but a necessary guiding principle for the collective journey ahead. They reminded humanity of its forgotten lineage, the stardust that composed its very essence, and the infinite potential that lay dormant within.

As the world around them continued its dance of destruction, the Star Children began to weave a new tapestry of existence. With their tears and sorrows, they seeded the Earth and the Waters with an ancient vibration. They taught by example, living embodiments of harmony with nature, showing that true strength lay in vulnerability and that the most extraordinary courage was in opening one's Heart.

Communities started to transform under their gentle guidance. Gardens of abundance replaced barren lands, and clean waters flowed once again. People began to remember the ancient ways, the rituals and ceremonies that spoke of a time when the Earth and her children lived as one. And in this remembering, a new dream was born—a dream of a world healed, whole, and vibrant.

Yet, the path was not without its trials. The old structures, built on the sands of greed and separation, fought to maintain their grip. They even fought the Children, their mothers, and their elders. Their darkness and blindness had no limit, for their hearts were so closed that not even light could pierce through.

But the Star Children, wise beyond years, knew that the only battle to be won was within. They taught forgiveness of self and others as the key to liberation and, in doing so, dismantled the chains of the old world, one Heart at a time.

As the old world crumbled, a new vision took place: a world where humans lived not as masters but as stewards, where every creature was honored, and the Earth was revered as the sacred sanctuary it always was. In this world, the Heart was the compass, and love was the guiding light.

And though the journey was long and the night often dark, the prophecy of the Star Children held true. In their awakening, humanity found its own, a rebirth into a consciousness that saw not separation but unity, not scarcity but abundance, not fear but love.

This is the time of radical changes, the era in which we were born.

And within us all, the potential to be Star Children, co-creators of the new Earth, guardians of the ancient promise. Let us, then, embrace the challenges, for they are but the stones on which we build the foundations of a new world, a testament to the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us.

Remember, we are the dreamers and the dream, the healers and the healed, the ancestors of the future. In our hearts lies not only the hope of humanity but the fulfillment of the prophecy, the awakening of consciousness, and the dawn of a new era. Together, let us step bravely into this sacred journey, for the time is now, and we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Angell Deer

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