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Walking between two worlds, and the Quest for Magic...

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

We want to hear Spirit. We want to be guided by Spirit. Or we will walk blind, asleep, thinking "we" know where to go in life, and what to do. Not surprisingly most of the "modern" world and civilization has totally forgotten this ancient wisdom and got itself in a very dangerous and painful situation of social, political, environmental, and moral collapse. More dangerous even is the illusion that the mind alone, and it's disheartening science, will save humanity from its illnesses and issues.

Yet, some people on this planet continue to sing the old songs. Continue to share the old tales. Continue to live in deep closeness to the Natural world. Continue to honor Spirits and be guided by them. Even a quick look at them will reveal to anyone that they always live in much deeper harmony with themselves, with others and with their environment. A deeper look will reveal that this is the direct consequence of their intimate and authentic connection to the Spirit world.

But blinded by our sciences, our "modern" knowledge, our technologies, and our dishearten minds, we continue to search deeper on the wrong road where the solutions may be to our growing sickness and pain.

I want to share a story of Magic. A story I just experienced. A story where the Heart guides the Mind and guides the path. A story where the "old" ways have shown to me once again their power and relevance. A reminder that Magic is available to all of us, and contain the seeds for living what I would call a good life. A life of faith. A life of respect. A life of Harmony. A life of Gratitude. A life of Unity. And ultimately a life of Love with yourself and the world at large.

I am in Glastonbury, UK. The so-called Jerusalem of Europe. The Heart Chakra of the Earth. A place which carries wisdom more ancient that we can know or see. Land of the Druids, King Arthur, the Cup of the Christ, Mary Magdeleine, The Tor and Archangel Michael, the fairies, Merlin and much more...

I am meeting my teacher Jeremy, with whom I have been studying for many years the shamanic path of the Runes. He says to me "You need to go find the Dragon Egg, the male Dragon Egg, but I cannot tell you where it is, few know, Spirit will guide you there if this is the right time". 

Dragons are mystical creatures which for long I thought were just tales. Yet 5 years ago I started to see them and connect especially to one of them (a female dragon) who kept coming to me in times of profound transformation. So this morning, hearing about this Quest, I was ready to go for it and was getting ready with my prayers.

I go towards the Tor, the ancient symbol of the Winter King, Arthur, Odin, and Archangel Michael. All avatars or incarnation of the divine masculine. And I start walking up the steep hills between bushes and old orchards of apple trees.

I pass pastures of sheep and newborn lambs, fields of dandelion. As I pray I ask Spirit to guide me to the Dragon Egg. I slowly breathe and go into my heart to hear the answers. I sharpen my sight to see what Spirit will send me.

As I enter the hill of the Tor, something tells me not to climb but starting to go around. Within a minute I feel a very deep sharp pain on the left side of my head. So painful that it pushes me to stop and press my head on the left side of my body. A massive energy calls me to the left. I turn and climb with my hands and feet the steep hill. Bushes of stinging nettle (not common much on that part of the hill) come to my attention. They say to me "We are the guardians". I think the Egg must be surrounded by them then. I pray more deeply. A few ravens, come flying above me and sing. They say "Pray to us, we will guide you".

I start praying to the raven and ask for their guidance. I walk a few steps and a massive raven feather is in front of me, pointing to another direction. I offer tobacco to it. I pick the feather. And follow the direction it was pointing. Up again. I reach the top of the hill. Silence. Wind. And far away I see a big raven in a tree looking at me. Calling me. I know it's the direction I have to take now.

Change of direction. I walk towards him. Ahead of me, I see the largest bushes of Thistle I have come across. I go through them like in a maze. Following the raven, listening to the stinging nettle. 

And here it is. Right in front of me. A massive rock, Egg shape. The Male Dragon Egg. 

I walk around with respect. I slowly sit next to it. It has been a year since I came last here and I could not find it. I was not ready. Spirit did not tell me where it was. I take my sacred tobacco poach, and make an offering and a prayer. A raven comes fly right above me. I thank him. 

But when you think the magic is over, it rarely is...

A woman arrives through the trees. She seems to look for something and a bit lost. And then she sees me and the Egg, and she walks towards me. She asks me if this is the Dragon Egg. I say "yes it is". She says "I came here 25 years ago, Nature changed a lot. I was 25, and today is my 50th birthday. I came with my family but no one wanted to come see this, so I came alone". I am feeling Spirit made this encounter happen.

She asks me if I came here before. First time I say. Somehow something is pushing me to tell her "If you came back here, something called you very deeply and loudly...". She starts crying. Deeply. And whisper "I am so lost, my spirituality has died so much in 25 years". Me "Well it seems to me it's pretty alive given the drive you had to come back here... Just listen, just keep listening, they are clearly talking to you and guiding you". She smiles. She stops crying. And sat next to me. I give her tobacco to offer to the land and rock. She starts talking to me about Peru and Machu Pichu (where I just was 2 weeks ago...) and how deeply connected she felt there. I share my journey there. We look at the horizon from where we sit, on the hill, and just breath and surrender to the great mystery. 

I grab my flute. And offer a song to the Dragon Egg, to the land. As I play my flute, the Raven feather I found fly over the Egg and over my flute. The Magic keep unfolding.

She thanks me, and leave. I sat there for one more hour. Just bathing in the magic. Just praying with deep gratitude to the land, the Egg, the raven, the stinging Nettle, and the path... I get ready to leave. Grab my bag and say goodbye to the Egg. A raven comes again and sings right above me, before flying away. I know I have come here for this. To remember. To allow. To feel. To connect. To heal me and others. It all feels aligned. It's all very real and yet very magical.

As we walk our lives, we are called. Always. But we rarely listen. We rarely believe. We even more rarely trust especially when what we hear require us to take major "changing of direction" steps into our lives. We stay attached. We stay bounded. We stay with the extreme discomfort of the known pain. We do not trust Spirit to be real or just plain caring and loving towards us. We refuse the call. We do not want to take our hero's journey. We are afraid to die and yet we do not yet ever fully live. 

Walking between two worlds is required to walk a shamanic path but is also essential to ALL human beings who want to be liberated, to be free, to be in their power. It does not matter if you are a healer or a shaman, you have to walk between two worlds if you are a mother, a father, teacher, a scientist, a singer, a businessman, a banker, a cook, a waitress... You have to because it is where the magic is. Where you will KNOW for sure where to go. Where you will HEAL in depth your soul (the only reason you are in this human body and still alive...). Where you will SERVE others. Where you will experience JOY and FREEDOM. 

Magic is the thin veil between worlds, which we can experience if we willingly walk one foot here and one foot with Spirit. And somehow, in a brief moment, the veil will be lifted and you will SEE, you will HEAR and you will REMEMBER. That is Magic. That is real. That is YOU.

May our old world, our old humanity, remember to seek in the right places for answers. May we learn to go sit and listen to the elders and Natives who carry this wisdom. So we all can finally see. So we all can finally hear. So we all can finally remember where we come from, where we are going, and why we are here.

With much Love,

Shawinigan Ungaia (Guillaume Gauthereau)

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