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We do not need more science, we need more spirituality

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I believe in science.

But I don't believe more science will solve the deep existential crisis humanity is going through. No amount of VR, AI, IT, ... is needed.

We never had more science than today, yet we truly are facing one of the greatest crisis humanity ever had to face on an environmental, social, political and ethical level.

We never had more advanced medical research and technology and yet more than half of the people in developed countries are suffering from depression.

We never had more food produced on Earth and yet 50% of the food produced in the US is wasted and never eaten, while hunger is growing as fast as obesity...

We have never been so flooded with "connected device" and yet the loneliness experienced by people has grown exponentially.

So we don't need better crops, faster cars, better phones, larger TV, coolest gadgets, ...

We need a revolution of the soul, powered by love, about and from the heart.

We need to heal, in depth, each of us, and all together.

We need to use ancestral medicine and knowledge used by those who have proven they know how to live in harmony with the planet and with each other.

We need to heal the leadership not only at the level of the countries but also at the level of corporations, of communities, of families.

The crisis we see globally is no different than the one raging inside every human being. A country at war with another is no different in root and essence as the fight between two human being. As long as we will seek this power outside, over others, over things, we will never win.

We need to seek inner power, inner transformation, inner leadership.

We need a spiritual revolution, an awakening of large proportion, and this start and end inside each of us.

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