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Where can we meet the Creator?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I like to reflect on the meeting of my soul, my ego, my identity, with God, the creator of the whole universe, the Great Spirit.

I feel that everytime I meet Her, during a prayer, a ceremony, a breath or an act of Love making, both of us are transformed.

I am transformed through the allowing of something greater than me. Through the meeting of Her infinite sacred essence of Love. Some deeper layers of me are nourished. Some layers are shaded. Some layers are revealed. I am more like Her.

And when She meets me, she is changed too. She understand better what it is to be human. To feel. To cry. To laugh. To scream. To dance. To sing. To move. To breath. And to love.

We are both changed. While we both are already perfect. Unbounded. Wild. Free. And loving.

This encounter, this dance, this union, I can experience it with all of creation. A tree. A river. A rock. A mountain. A plant. A friend. A lover. Everytime I get to taste a little bit more of God. A little bit more of my humanness.

I can also experience it when I meet my pain. My doubt. My anger. My fears. My inner child. My wounded warrior. My unknowingness. Everytime I get to taste a little bit more of God. A little bit more of my humanness.

So I shall pray. Pray that I fill myself with Gratitude for this gift of life. Allowing myself to receive it all. Feeling it all. Loving it all.

If I cannot see God, the Great Spirit, everywhere and in everything, I will miss the opportunity to expand into my true infinite sacred Nature.

So I will continue to pray to see all of this. To feel it all. To love it all. ❤️

Shawinigan Ungaia /

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