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Updated: Sep 1, 2019

A few days ago was the fall Equinox. With your busy business and social life, you probably did not notice anything special that Thursday, September 22nd at 10AM? Did you? Also, you might wonder why it matters to know about the Equinox or what does it mean to "tune into the Equinox"? Fair enough. Many years ago as a busy CEO I would have probably answered the same thing: "Who cares...?".

Yet those past years of coaching work, reconnecting with my life purpose, aligning happiness with success, and working with hundreds of overtired, overstressed, overwhelmed executives and individuals, I have discovered that tuning-into Nature cycles, and paying attention to the deeper message they bring, can allow us to live a more balanced, happy and joyful life.

What does the Equinox teach us?

To pay attention to the balance of Light & Dark. In our lives we might be sometimes too focus on what can go wrong, or on the other side we might be focusing just on the good & positive. Yet darkness, shadows, need to be assessed and known. We need to be conscious and aware of the part which does not serve us anymore in order to be able to let them go.

Going into introspection. Nature shows us that there is a time when we bloom, we give flowers and fruits to the world. But there is a time when our leaves fall and we need to recharge. Fall is bringing that deeper message of being aware that our body, mind, and spirit need time to rest to be able to bloom again.

Letting Go. Once we have identified the part of us which have to be let go (our anger, our ADD, our addictions, our pain, our anxiety, etc), we need to work on a plan to let it go. Fall is the best season to assess those parts, and like nature, shed our dying leaves.

Death and rebirth are part of your daily life. Yes, sometimes we get very attached to things so we do not want or let them die. We want to believe that things, people, projects, companies, friends, are eternal. But it's not what Nature is teaching us. Death is part of life. And without Death, Life won't exist in the same way. The leaves that fall from the tree this season, are going to nourish the full of life sprouts of spring. In your life, things need to die so space can be created for new things to be born.

Harvesting the fruits of Summer. Take a time to look at all you have created and done since the beginning of the year. Celebrate it before entering fall. In your company, in your life. Pause for a moment and acknowledge the beautiful gift of your work. I am sure there are more than you realize...

In the Awakened Leadership coaching program, one of the tools given to CEO and executives entirely focuses on re-tuning our Self with Nature cycles: Days & Night and seasons. It very quickly brings balance and clarity and allows us to take better decision for our lives and careers which lead to more balance, more purpose, and more happiness. Ultimately we have been created and have evolved for millions of years, always in tune with those cycles, so it is common sense to pay attention to them and to honor them.

If you feel you need more guidance on the above, email me, I will be happy to have a discussion with you on what can be done to help you regain that inner balance.



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