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You are seen...

I know sometimes the weight of the world might take every bit of will and energy from you. I know it might even make you question the whole path.

I pray you all find true places of care, safety, nurture, community, and wise places for this ancient wisdom to be renewed and supported.

More than ever the world is changing at a very fast pace and I know you heard the call. So loud and so clear.

I know you are answering it, every day asking the Creator where you can help and how you can do it in the most authentic, humble, and yet powerful ways.

I know you have been preparing yourself for the great unraveling. Your elder told you about it. Your guides told you about it. The Earth told you about it. Your body told you about it.

You did not numb yourself to stop hearing that systemic pain. You did not run away from others nor from your true self.

You did not answer the call because of fear or to conform with anything or anyone, but because something greater than you keeps revealing to you how important you are to this new earth. How unique you are. How precious is your medicine. Your voice. Your gifts.

You are not alone.

And you are seen.

You are SEEN.

THANK YOU for your service, your relentless commitment, all the sacrifices you made and still making to find the power and courage to dismantle privileges, exclusion, radicalization, and systems of oppression. To heal with the old ways. To serve in a good way. To walk this red road.

It takes great strength and immense heart to answer this call every day. To refuse to fall into the trap and illusion of the ego. It takes so much heart, so much heart...

You are such a special being. You truly are. I pray for you, for me, for everyone.


Angell Deer

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