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Your beautiful Naked Truth

Updated: Sep 1, 2019


I cannot remember when was the time that I felt it was not ok anymore to be naked.

Do you remember?

The time when as a baby or young child it was ok to walk naked on the beach, feeling free and whole to just be. The time when you were a pure reflection of Nature. Wild. Naked. Whole. Free.

Then came the time when this shifted. When the world around started to tell you what was right or wrong. What you were supposed to be-come. Not to be anymore. But to come into another being.

It strikes me today how this moment, lost in the invisible part of our unconscious mind, was, in fact, a key moment when the world, society, others, started to be the power who will define what was ok for us to be or not to be.

When the sacredness and beauty of our bodies became “not ok”. When our wholeness and freedom would be scattered and tempered. When the separation of what is holy and not holy was made.

Never in my child mind would have I decided that there was separation. That somehow some bodies were ok to be seen (like mine was) and some were not. In the conscious actions of covering me, telling me I had to cover myself, that I could not be seen, would be rooted the deeper trauma of relationship with myself.

And do not worry, society, religions, parents, and others were not going to stop there!

We start with the body and then we move to the next layer. The emotions. From the time it was ok to cry and feel sad. The time it was ok to be angry or happy. Then came the time in our early childhood when we are told to “STOP!”. Stop crying. Stop complaining. Stop being angry. Stop feeling this or that. The natural power of our body to express itself, and to heal in that process, was even more shattered by a big “NO!”. Another NO, deeper traumatic influences on my BE-ing. We learn to be not how we are and feel, but to be how it is “ok” to be. My body learned this at great expenses. Stopping its healing process. Stopping its magic of releasing and connecting.

The armor walls are rising… And yet those walls hold the wisdom we need and are protecting us from crumbling into insanity!

And we go more deeply into living the life of “adults”, physically shamed by what a good body looks like, emotionally repressed to what is ok to express safely, and finally mentally repressing even our ideas on what our life should be. We have to go to this school, learn those skills, be that kind of person, a proper and good boy or girl! Haaaa the good boy and girl. Who holds its emotion so perfectly? Who behaved as expected! Who slowly tamed the wild wolf to become a caged dog.

The issues of this framing can be seen at all level of our society. Disconnection from our self. Traumas like depression and self-hate. A disconnection and hate that soon turn towards “the others” in so many forms from hating those who do not look like us, behaved like us, believed like us and even more hidden forms of hate like hating those who are not eating like us! We know the depressions, epidemics of drug consumptions (legal one especially!), social alcoholism, growing feeling of loneliness, and extreme form of belief systems and religions which are a big cry for belonging needs!

I want to be loved. I want to be seen. I want to be unconditionally held by others.

And yet I do not love myself fully, I do not feel whole, I do not even see myself fully!

As I dive more deeply in my tantric and trauma work, I am painfully reminded by my body that the key to our liberation, to our happiness, to our ecstasy with life, is deeply hidden in our bodies.

Our bodies want to be seen. They want to be felt. They want to be heard!

There are many ways to go about a reverse process. In many ways a re-birthing of the one we were. A reconnection to the holiness, purity, and perfection of our bodies. From witnessing our own body in the mirror and taking the time to see them. From exploring through mindful touch and breath the inner world of our temple. From allowing the buried pain and traumas to be felt again, hidden deeply behind the wise armors our body has built to keep us sane.

I am humbled and amazed when I discover that one touch, on one trigger point of my body, can bring back a 30-year-old memory so buried it had become invisible. That one touch, on one point, can re-open, re-allow, the YES to our body to feel, to express itself, to be heard. That one touch can reconnect a body to a place of safety it has forgotten.

If I can touch my body with honor and respect, I can touch others in the same way.If I can discover my boundaries and power, I can allow others to find their boundaries and power.If I can allow my deepest trauma to speak again, I can hold space for others in this process.If I can truly embody my medicine, I can vibrate that medicine in the field of my relations.

As I was praying and meditating on this, the whole Naked world came to me. Trees. Plants. Insects. Birds. Animals. Stones. Rivers. Moon. Sky. And they were all smiling. They look at me so lovingly and asked me to look at them, naked. “We do not wear any clothing. We don’t have anything to hide. We are perfect as we are. We are not afraid to be seen. We are loving ourselves unconditionally. We are Nature. We are Divine. We are you”. I breath this truth in. And I breath out the shame, the stories, the pain, the hate. I breath in my Truth, my Light, my Holy presence, deeply in my holy body temple.

I am making the commitment to be naked with you. And to not be afraid, ashamed and silent anymore. I am trusting that in stepping more deeply and intimately into the depth of my power, it will encourage you to step in yours. I am making the commitment to fully see myself and to be fully seen, knowing I will be accepted fully because I am learning to fully accept myself again! And I am doing this so you can trust that you can be seen and accepted fully too! And YES It is scary, and it is also exciting. It is daunting and it is powerful.

But this is what I want for this world…

I want everyone to feel seen, to feel accepted, to allow their trauma to speak, to allow their body to feel safe and whole, to feel their daunting truth, and I pray the Great Spirit to keep guiding me in being able to hold ALL OF YOU in your magical beauty of Truth, with respect, with safety, with authenticity, and deep unconditional love.


Guillaume aka. Shawinigan Ungaia

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