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Breathwork Ceremony - From Earth to Sky

Breathwork Ceremony - From Earth to Sky

We explore the theme of "From Earth to Sky".


This time of the year the trees are sending their sap back from the roots to the sky. After spending months gathering strength, nutrients, and wisdom from the Earth, Nature is turning Her prayers towards the sky. We will also be in a "rising moon" energy.


We can use this powerful time of "Spring" to connect to our Earth (our bodies) and use that wisdom to open new wisdom in our psyche. With the help of the Breath, we can create portals of connection and consciousness between the roots and the sky, the unconscious and the conscious.


This is also a great time for the manifestation of new ideas, creative endeavors, and putting in place new and more healthy habits. I look forward to this powerful time of healing and remembering, together.

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