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Attract your soulmate, with shamanic and tantric practices (Dare to Love) REPLAY

Enjoy the replay of Nalaya Chakana and Angell Deer's powerful Live conversation!

And the upcoming DARE TO LOVE online retreat.

What we discussed:

  • Nalaya's personal journey through "Dare to Love"

  • The shadow of the strong independent woman

  • Why do you keep dating the wrong people

  • Self-sabotage and how it prevents us from getting the love we truly desire

  • How to move from “protecting the heart” to “feeling secure”

  • What it truly means to be feminine?

  • How this vulnerable power is the opposite of the feminist interpretation of being powerful

  • How to combine shamanic and tantric practices to help enter the optimal resonance to attract your soulmate

Feeling called to go deeper? More info here...

About Nalaya:

Nalaya’s international upbringing has given her a very unique voice and approach to the art of intimacy. Her work is inspired by the many cultures that have shaped her. In particular, the tantric initiations she received in India, and the shamanic initiations she received in Peru are at the heart of her teachings.

Nalaya is passionately intrigued about all the ways we sabotage our path toward love. It's this fascination as well as her personal life's journey and its many challenges that have brought her to where she is now: living her life with the love of her life.

Her mission is simple: to inspire you to dare to love…

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