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Can you trust your Gut feeling?

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The Gut Feeling.

A powerful tool to guide your decisions. We all know it. Some of us are very in touch with it. Some do not trust it and go more into their mind.

Who is right?

Since I started to work with people with traumas 10 years ago, my knowledge on behaviors, intuition, gut feelings, body feelings, and how the nervous system behave inside of us have evolved drastically.

When we have traumas, and we all do to different degrees, our nervous system carries information that informs our actions, habits, and response to the external world based not on the present situation but on past events. It's a pretty good system to protect us from danger, but it's a pretty poor one to make accurate and objective decisions.

What we call gut feelings, the capacity of the nervous system of our guts to feel into the external world, and to tap into the wisdom of the heart, can be very disrupted by old traumas. And that system can make us take the wrong decisions.

We can be stuck in fear of change, refuse to engage fully with others, feel unsafe, or be stuck in the past. We can also stay in old unhealthy habits, known places even if those places created or still create some painful emotions.

So to be able to truly trust our gut feelings we need first to engage in deep shadow work, and traumas healing. Then this "ancient natural radar" will provide some useful information for life.

The guts need to be cleared of the fears we carry and infused with love. When your guts swim in love, when your belly and pelvis are relax, when life feels safe and abundant, your guts can be your guide.

Until then be aware of the triggers, the pain, the fears, and the potential invisible shadows that run your behaviors and habits.

If you want to explore this, contact me for a shamanic Somatic Healing session.

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