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Why We Need to be Wild (You are Still a Hunter-Gatherer) - Rewilding the Self

I have often been told that reconnecting with these ancient ways means living "in" the past, returning to the stone age, being weird, or wanting to be "out" of the world. 

But none of that is true! 

Rewilding the self and embracing shamanic and animistic traditions isn't about abandoning the present or rejecting modern comforts. It's about enriching our modern lives with wisdom and practices that have stood the test of time.

It's about integrating, not segregating, enhancing, not excluding. 

In my experience, these practices offer tools for introspection, healing, and community-building that are just as vital today as they were hundreds of years ago, maybe even more so in our disconnected world.

Today, I had the privilege of speaking with Jessica Carew Kraft, author of "Why We Need to Be Wild, One Woman's Quest for Ancient Human Answers to 21st-Century Questions," our discussion was nothing short of transformative. As we dove into the conversation, Jessica shared her profound insights into the relentless pace of modern technology and the alienation it often brings us, as I am sure you know...

It's a pace that pulls us further from our intrinsic nature, distancing us from the communal and connected lifestyle that our ancestors thrived upon. And the world has all the symptoms of that collective illness.

We spoke about the power of community and the ancient skills of living with nature—how these elements stir a profound recognition within us, reminding us of what it means to live, not just survive.

We explored the stories of thriving individuals, not just surviving, by weaving traditional knowledge seamlessly into the fabric of their modern lives. These stories aren't rare tales; they are testaments to the possibility of a fulfilled life grounded in ancient (meaning timeless) wisdom.

This dialogue with Jessica felt like a personal call to action, a reminder of my journey through shamanic practices, returning to the land, and animism that brought me back to my true nature. In my experience, embracing these ancient practices has been like rediscovering a long-lost language of the soul. Through this lifestyle, I've found a deeper identity not defined by societal strings but woven from the timeless threads of natural connection.

Animism, in particular, transformed my perspective, making me see all elements of nature not just as scenery or backdrop to human activity but as vibrant, dynamic participants in our shared existence. This reconnection is about recognizing the life force in all beings—plants, animals, rivers, and stones—and engaging with them as respected and revered entities.

I hope you will enjoy Jessica's discussion as much as I did. It is an open invitation to all of us. It's a call to delve into the roots of what makes us human and explore how integrating these ancestral skills can enhance our individual lives and bring us closer to each other and the earth. It's a call that holds the promise of transformation, of a more meaningful and connected way of living. 

How can the simplicity and authenticity of ancient practices enrich our understanding of the world? How can they help us navigate the complexities of modern life not with more technology but with more wisdom and connection?

This talk left me inspired and curious—itching to bring these discussions into everyday conversations and share their profound impact on my life. It has encouraged me to think deeply about how we, as a collective, can rekindle these ancient connections to transform our approach to life in the 21st century.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Have you ever felt drawn to integrating ancient wisdom into your daily life? Have you experienced the transformative power of reconnecting with nature on a spiritual level? How did it bring you closer to your truth and to a sense of belonging in the world? Share your experiences and let's continue this conversation.

Check out the full interview here or on our podcast

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