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The Edge of Wilderness (Bushmen, Visionary Experiences, and Sacred Land Relationship)

Welcome to "The Edge of Wilderness," a profound journey into the heart of nature and the depths of the human soul. In this compelling episode, Angell Deer sits down with Sarah West, a remarkable individual whose life's work is as diverse as it is impactful. Sarah, who calls the wild beauty of Moab, Utah, her home, is not just a therapist but a guide, artist, writer, and a voice that bridges the gap between us and the natural world.


Sarah West's unique approach combines her vast knowledge and experience in trauma healing, somatics, mindfulness, nature therapy, and soul work with her academic background in archaeology and human evolutionary ecology. Her immersion in indigenous wisdom traditions enriches her practice, allowing her to offer deeply rooted insights into the connection between healing and the wilderness around us.


In this episode, you'll discover how Sarah's experiences with indigenous communities across the globe, including time spent with the Bushmen and Australian Aboriginals, have shaped her understanding of our bond with nature. Through her tales of exploration in Moab's red rock deserts, ancient cave rituals, and her sacred art of photography, Sarah invites us to consider our own relationships with the natural world and the forgotten wisdom it holds.


In this episode, you'll explore:

* The Essence of Sarah West’s Work: A poignant blend of trauma healing, somatics, mindfulness, nature therapy, soul work, depth psychology, wilderness vigils, and expressive arts, informed by her extensive academic background and immersion in indigenous wisdom traditions.

* Living in Harmony with Nature: Sarah’s life in Moab, Utah, a place of red rock deserts and national parks, provides a stunning backdrop for her healing and creative endeavors. She shares her experiences and profound connection with this landscape.

* Indigenous Wisdom and Global Experiences: Insights from Sarah’s time among indigenous communities, including the Bushmen and Australian Aboriginals, highlight valuable lessons on living according to nature and understanding our place within it.

* Cave Rituals and Visionary Experiences: Sarah recounts transformative experiences in ancient caves, revealing the spiritual potency of these sacred spaces and their impact on her work and personal journey.

* The Sacred Art of Photography: How Sarah uses her art to communicate between humans and the more-than-human world. Her photography and artwork serve as an act of reciprocity with nature, capturing its soul and essence.

* Wilderness Vigils as a Path to Transformation: This section discusses the importance and impact of wilderness vigils (also known as vision quests) on personal transformation. Sarah’s role as a guide for these powerful experiences encourages individuals to seek clarity, healing, and a deeper sense of self in the embrace of the wild.

* Bridging the Human and Natural Worlds: Exploring how Sarah’s work invites us to reconsider our relationship with the earth, urging a return to authentic, sacred connections with the land and its spirits.


Join us on "The Edge of Wilderness" for a captivating conversation inviting you to reflect on your connection with the natural world, explore the depths of your inner wilderness, and consider the healing power of nature in our lives. Sarah West's journey is a testament to the transformative potential of living in intimate dialogue with the world around us.

About Sarah West

Sarah West is a therapist, nature guide, writer, artist, and naturalist living in Moab, Utah's wild beauty.

Her work bridges several disciplines, weaving together trauma healing, somatics, mindfulness, nature therapy, soul work, depth psychology, wilderness vigils, and expressive arts healing.

Sarah's diverse academic background in archaeology and human evolutionary ecology, along with her immersion in indigenous wisdom traditions, contributes to the depth of her work.

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