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Total Solar Eclipses: Embracing the Shadows and Illuminating the Soul

Monday, April 8th, we are offered a moment of cosmic marvel and a profound opportunity for introspection, transformation, and collective awakening. 

I am sharing some insights and ideas on the spiritual significance of the Total Solar Eclipse next week here in the US. Total Solar Eclipses are portals for Embracing the Shadows and Illuminating the Soul. And even if you are not under it or living far away, you can still work with those energies.

From the insights of ancient cultures to contemporary spiritual traditions rooted in shamanism and animism, solar eclipses are seen as powerful spiritual gateways. When day morphs uncannily into night, these moments invite us to delve into our most profound truths, confront our collective shadows, and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and unity.

Solar eclipses are understood and revered across continents and cultures, offering unique insights into their spiritual significance.

Solar Eclpse Mystical

The Navajo (Diné) observe the eclipse as a period of deep meditation and inward reflection for both the sun deity and the people, emphasizing the restoration of balance and harmony.

The Ancient Egyptians experienced the eclipse as a moment of cosmic struggle between the forces of order and chaos, symbolized by the sun god Ra and the serpent Apep. This event reminded us of the eternal fight against darkness within and around us.

In Hindu mythology, the eclipse, caused by the demon Rahu, speaks to themes of immortality, cyclical renewal, and the triumph of light over darkness, urging individuals toward spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The Incas interpreted solar eclipses as the sun god Inti, expressing dissatisfaction with people's actions on Earth. The darkening skies signal individuals and communities to introspect and realign with moral and communal values, demonstrating the vital link between celestial phenomena and human conduct.

Drawing from these ancient teachings, we recognize universal themes of balance, renewal, the struggle between light and darkness, and the call to inner and collective reflection. In eclipse times, when shadows momentarily override the light, we're invited to embrace and integrate these personal and collective shadows for holistic growth and enlightenment.

So here are some invitations and suggestions for doing this more profound work. PREPARING FOR THE ECLIPSE SPIRITUALLY

As we approach the powerful energy of the total solar eclipse, there are several ways we can prepare spiritually to harness its transformative potential fully:

  • Set Intentions: Before the eclipse, meditate and set intentions. Reflect on what you are ready to release and what new energies you wish to invite into your life. The eclipse is a potent time for setting intentions for profound personal growth.

  • Create a Sacred Space: Whether indoors or in nature, create a sanctuary where you can sit in quiet contemplation during the eclipse. Decorate it with elements representing the four elements (Earth, air, fire, water) to balance energies.

  • Practice Stillness and Silence: Emulate the introspective nature of the sun during the eclipse by embracing stillness and silence. Meditate, practice deep breathing, or simply sit in peaceful reflection to connect with the deeper parts of yourself and the universe.


As the moon cloaks the sun, plunging the day into an unusual twilight, we are symbolically invited to face our shadows. This is a time to practice radical acceptance of all parts of ourselves – the light and the dark. Shamanistic and animistic traditions teach us that acknowledging and integrating our shadows opens the way for our true light to shine forth.

  • Shadow Work: Use the eclipse's energy to delve into shadow work. Journal about fears, insecurities, and patterns you wish to heal and release. Be honest and gentle with yourself in this process.

  • Connect with Spirit Guides: The thinning veil during the eclipse offers an opportunity to connect with spirit guides, ancestors, or animal totems. Use guided meditations or shamanic journeying to seek insights and guidance.


As the sun's light reemerges, symbolizing rebirth and renewal, take the insights and energies you've received and integrate them into your daily life.

  • Rituals of Release and Renewal: Engage in rituals that symbolize the release of old patterns and the welcoming of new energies. Burning ceremonies where you write down what you're releasing and burn the paper can be powerful.

  • Community Sharing: Connect with like-minded individuals or communities to share experiences and insights. The act of sharing can amplify the healing and transformative energy of the eclipse.

One of the aspects of this specific eclipse that I really feel deeply about is the significance that transcends personal boundaries and resonates deeply with current global issues, such as environmental collapse, war, social injustice, and the collective awakening these crises demand. 

In the face of such challenges, the eclipse metaphorically amplifies the dark shadows of these existential threats, inviting humanity to confront, reflect, and act with renewed purpose and solidarity.

The eclipse calls for introspection on our relationship with Mother Earth. It impels us to consider the darkness of environmental neglect and call for a collective renewal toward sustainability and respect for nature.

The eclipse's transient darkness also reminds us of the transient nature of conflicts and the enduring light of peace. It encourages collective efforts toward reconciliation, understanding, and resolving longstanding disputes.

Like the momentary darkness that unites observers under the same sky, the eclipse implores us to stand together against inequalities and injustices, highlighting the power of unity in addressing systemic issues.

As the sun's light reemerges from the shadow, let it symbolize not just the dawn of a new day but the awakening of a collective consciousness ready to embrace the shadows of our world. It is much needed.

Have a blessed Eclipse time,


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