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Connecting to the Power of the Wood Dragon.

The Chinese New Year is here. It marks the beginning of the Year of the Wood Dragon. This special zodiac year is considered particularly auspicious, as it combines the power and strength of the Dragon with the vitality and growth associated with the wood element.

In Chinese astrology, the Year of the Dragon is revered for its power, good fortune, and transformation symbolism. Dragons are mystical creatures that bring blessings and prosperity to those born under its sign.

Additionally, the wood element signifies growth, renewal, and vitality, making the Year of the Wood Dragon a time of immense potential and opportunity.

Dragons are often associated with shamanic wisdom and spiritual significance in Chinese mythology. They are considered guardians of the Earth and are believed to possess profound knowledge of the natural world and the cosmic energies that govern it.

As Shamans, Shamanic practitioners, spiritual leaders, healers, and artists who bridge seen and unseen worlds, we can draw upon this portal of magic & wisdom to facilitate balance and harmony between the physical and spiritual realms, the Earth and the Spirits, the Wood and the Ether.

As we enter the Year of the Wood Dragon, we can draw upon the ancient wisdom of those sentient beings to set intentions and seek guidance for the year ahead.

Wood Dragon Shaman Angell Deer

In traditional Chinese shamanism, the wood element is associated with growth, expansion, and the flourishing of life. In my experience of shamanism, we also traditionally connect to that element to draw wisdom from the Earth and circulate energy between the Earth and the sky. The wood stores the Fire of the Sun, as the Dragon stores the Fire in his breath.

I invite you to perform rituals and ceremonies to honor the wood dragon, seeking blessings for abundant growth, health, and prosperity.

Through offerings to the spirits and the ancestors, we can work this year to strengthen the connection between the earthly realm and the spiritual world, ensuring that the year is filled with vitality and positive transformation.

In my experience with dragons, they are incredibly fierce and ask for deep reverence and respect. They also carry a massive heart, are strong protectors, and immensely caring to their eggs / little ones. Their fierceness is often misunderstood as aggressivity, but that is not who they are.

The Year of the Wood Dragon invites us all to tap into the wisdom of the natural world and embrace the transformative power of the Dragon. It is a time to seek guidance from the ancient shamanic traditions, to align with the energies of growth and renewal, and to set intentions for personal and collective prosperity.

May this auspicious year bring vitality, abundance, and prosperity to all, and may we all find a deeper connection with the ancient Dragons who physically once roamed the Earth and whom today's Spirits are deeply present and in service of the collective transformation.

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