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Finding Magic (and God) in Embodied Spirituality.

This is one of the foundational teachings in our Shamanic school. It is where the Andean Cosmology medicine wheel is pointing at. The Earth. The Soil. The Mother. The Body.

And yet, we are trying to find our connection to the divine through complex mind stories outside of the "3D" as we cannot experience the full power and presence of the sacred in a piece of grass, in our bodies, our pain, or in each other.

And yet, we cannot escape the simple truth that our bodies and the land are one. The care we give to one nurtures the other. The portal of receiving can be found in the giving to Her...

The Magic is in the here and now. It does not technically require prayers, ceremonies, or rituals. As it is our very existence, that is the manifestation of all the unseen dimensions.

Once we can experience this in embodied spirituality, prayers, rituals, and ceremonies return to their fundamental roles of honoring and giving thanks. They are not begging places or escape doors.

Indeed, this state of Awe, joy, powerful flow, and connection is embodied by children, those who have not yet lost the ancient magic. By those deeply immersed in processes of creation like art, music, and poetry. By those who take every single experience of life as an opportunity to learn and remember our divine calling.

If we have forgotten this simple truth, let's call it again and again!

As this Poem from Rev. Jim Cotter reminds us.

"God be in my head and in my understanding. God be in my eyes and in my looking. God be in my mouth and in my speaking. God be in my tongue and in my tasting. God be in my lips and in my greeting. God be in my nose and in my smelling/inhaling. God be in my ears and in my hearing. God be in my neck and in my humbling. God be in my shoulders and in my bearing. God be in my back and in my standing. God be in my arms and in my reaching/receiving. God be in my hands and in my working. God be in my legs and in my walking. God be in my feet and in my grounding. God be in my knees and in my relating. God be in my gut and in my feeling. God be in my bowels and in my forgiving. God be in my loins and in my swiving. God be in my lungs and in my breathing. God be in my heart and in my loving. God be in my skin and in my touching. God be in my flesh and in my paining/pining. God be in my blood and in my living. God be in my bones and in my dying. God be at my end and at my reviving"

Let's be there together. Call for the vision of God in each other when we lost it.

Put our hands in the Earth's body. Play in the mud. Laugh at our unknowingness and beauty. Angell Deer

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