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Going beyond the stories, returning to the Sacred

My teacher often reminds me, "The ceremony starts when the ceremony ends." This means that every time we finish a sacred ceremony together, it is when the real ceremony starts, what we call life.

Prayers are not for ceremony only but are every word and thoughts we have, think, or say, during our daily life.

Every step we take is sacred. Every interaction with everyone is sacred. Every moment is an opportunity, a choice, to be in our hearts and honor the divine in us and in others.

Being spiritual is not measured by how many times we pray, how many crystals we own, or how many spiritual technics we know, but by how much we love, how much we care, and how much we dare.

It requires going beyond the false stories we carry about ourselves and others. Ha the stories we hold so dearly... Those stories are filled with separation, opinions, judgment, and jealousy, born from our pain, broken dreams, unhealed trauma, and unfulfilled desires.

Do we want to be right, or do we want to connect? There is a choice to make.

When we step into our hearts fully, letting the fears be witnessed without making them the witness, we step into sacred work. Into the expansion of our love for all, there is inside of us, and around us.

May we always remember that being divine means being human. Feeling it all, being deeply vulnerable and courageous to do the great work of art our life needs to be. Weaving beauty, love, and compassion.

We are those weavers. Of unconditional love. Are we weaving like the wise Spider a perfect web? Or a broken tapestry?

Healing deeply our soul by embracing the human experience. No bypassing, no hiding, no running away, no fighting, just being with the present, the feeling, and the experience that is there.

Meeting our-self in this body. Now. In this breath. In this reality. Free from anger, resentment, judgment, and control. Dropping deep in the surrendering.

It is in that place that we honor our life ceremony. That we let the sacred fire of our hearts burn the separation and pain. Heal the old shame.

And it is in that place that we truly dance with our divine self. With our two feet on the ground and our antlers towards the sky.

Rooted. Alive. Connected.


Angell Deer

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