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Weaving Magic on the Darkest night

On this long night of the winter solstice, filled with not knowing and magic, my senses open more deeply.

The deer family got closer. My ancestors came to visit me. The smell of truth got stronger. The only light left was the divine truth.

As it became completely dark and still, all that needed to be seen became more visible. Silence became the truth.

Lies and shadows are being seen. Betrayal and misalignment were revealed. Dark spirits and entities were seen and removed. Jealousy and gossip were burned in the fire.

In community with so many of you, and in the privacy of my home, we got to pray and celebrate, do the deep work, open our hearts, and weave beauty and prayers.

My home and the land were blessed by the visit for a few days of intimate medicine work with Grandmother Clara Soaring Hawk, ambassador for the Lenape nation, and Deer Clan chief.

She saw too what had to be seen.

Revealed what needed to be revealed.

Heard what needed to be heard.

Cleared what needed to be cleared.

As I sit with my birthing pain, and as the baby is preparing for its arrival, I embrace gratitude for that pain. The one that is allowing me to go deeper, wider, and higher. The one that helps to see. To feel. And to connect to Truth.

This sacred portal of the solstice, this end of a cycle to birth a new one, this standing still of the Sun, the Earth, and our silence are all in divine timing.

All in divine timing.

Be strong and committed to your path of light. Be fierce against anything that is disrupting your vision, creating doubt, and unnecessary pain. The dark forces that do not want you to rise and shine. That keeps you small, angry, and in fear. The creator will battle with you and his love.

I pray we allow our minds to silence. To be calm. To be still. So we can hear the voices. Follow the path of light and truth. Weave beauty with those who are committed to the weaving, especially when it gets very dark.

This greater work of service is all in alliance with the creator's plan and design. His/Her will be done. Not my will.

May we always walk in beauty, in the dark, and in the light.

Blessed solstice to you all. Angell

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