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Listening to the whispers of the Ancient Ones

In this frenetic world, finding meaning can be elusive. But have you ever paused to observe the intricate patterns etched in the bark of trees? I often do this when I need guidance and feel a bit lost in this world.

The trees hold a secret, a connection to something greater. By embracing their spirit, we can embark on a journey of rediscovery.

Within the rough exterior lies ancient wisdom, patiently waiting to be unraveled.

Each scar, each groove, tells a story of endurance, resilience, and growth. As we tune in to their silent whispers, we can tap into the wisdom that lies dormant within them and ourselves.

I engage with the bark of trees to heal, not only me but also my connection to "others."

We live in a time of unprecedented disconnection, where virtual screens replace heartfelt conversations, and superficial engagements replace genuine human connection. But when we seek solace among the trees, we can find our way back to one another.

I long for my wild essence, like so many... The wild within me yearns for nourishment, and as I reconnect with the natural world, my soul comes alive.

I remember my place in the intricate web of life, acknowledging that we are not separate from nature but an integral part of it. In this realization, I find healing for my weary soul.

As I invite this connection, prayers get answered, and I rediscover the harmony that has long been forgotten.

I believe that in this dance, we nurture not only ourselves but also the precious eco-spiritual systems that surround us.

Let us quiet our minds, let us slow down, open our spirits, and attune ourselves to the wild whispers of ancient trees.

Let us quiet our minds. Let us slow down.

Together, we can weave a tapestry of connection, nurturing ourselves, our bond with one another, and our inseparable tie to the wilderness.

If we stay afraid of our wild nature, how will we ever authentically serve the wild world?

This grandmother Maple told me this is where the ancestor temple should be on the land. I placed that question and prayer two years ago. She answered me yesterday. In her own wild time.

And she whispered, "Watch me, Quiet your mind, slow down..." Angell Deer

PS: Here is one of my favorite songs on this topic... "Oak Tree" by Lua Maria

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