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The Addiction to Pain

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

"The addiction to pain run so deep in your body that you will pursue situations and behaviors that you know have created pain in the past, more than you will often be willing to pursue the unknown of new territories.

It is that addiction that creates the stumble blocks and falls on your path.

So you need to sit with the pain, feel it, to the depth of its presence in all your body. You need to talk to it, to give it a voice, to allow it to be seen and heard.

Then you will have a new choice possible, every day, every minute, the power to say NO.

NO I am doing this again. NO I am not going back. NO I am not choosing the same again. NO I am not going back to the familiar yet painful place.

You will have the power to choose another path. And that is when you will truly heal"

Shawinigan Ungaia

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