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The greatest lie...

The greatest lie we were told is that we had to do it alone.

Our healing, our grieving, our pain, our struggles, our purpose, our learning, our growing, our falling, our heart tending, our children raising, and our recoveries.

But there is another story weaved in the ancient lands, in the bones of our ancestors, in the stories of our elders, in the rituals of our long-lost past.

There is no scarcity in this world when we are in togetherness. There is only magic.

The currency is not money. It is energy. The goal is not fame or success. It is Love.

Grandfather says: "When you feel powerless, that's because you stopped listening to your own heart. That's where power comes from." Gianni Crow

We are gently remembering how to pray in those good ways and how to walk this life in beauty so we can rebirth this world.

Together. Angell Deer

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