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The Pirogue Wisdom

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Men, women and all Humans are often stretched between two needs and cravings.

The need for the Pirogue, which is the life journey, the travel far from the Ego Self, and ultimately the need for the destruction of the limited self as it is known. On the other side is the need of the Tree, of being rooted, of knowing our identity, our center, who we are.

So men and women are constantly moving between those two needs (both essential for a balanced life) abandoning one to find the other. Again and again.

This continues until the day they discover that it is with the tree that we can build the Pirogue.

In this very ancient Melanesian wisdom is seeded one of the most profound reflection and precious key to navigate life without attachment and yet with roots and depth. Without being afraid to let go of the safe harbor while feeling at home wherever we are.

This beautiful and poetic reflection ​is a metaphor for human life. A perfect illustration of the hero's journey as Campbell described it (and that I mentioned in a previous post).

In my life I have often taken my Pirogue to unknown oceans, unknown islands, unknown shores. It brought deep amount of fears and unknowingness. It allowed me to experience deep joys and deep pains. It created big battles, defeats and victories in my heart. It stretched me to painful new edges.

It is on those edges, and on those edges only, that I keep learning about my Self, my path, my calling, the Great Mystery called God. And as I keep developing my relationship with Her, trying to understand Her language, following Her whispering with deeper layer of trust and surrender, I am sometimes able to hear more clearly what She is asking of me.

As I was starting to explore new worlds, needed for my growth, healing and soul learning, I would learn how to carry my roots with me and in my heart. Items, photos, food, songs, practices, memories, wisdom from what I called home, my family, and my ancestors.

So despite being far from my known shore, I would learn to feel Home wherever I was, in my Pirogue, in my Self.

This was a perfect template to learn and allow myself to explore new shores within myself.

If I could not feel home “out there” in new places how could I learn to feel home “in there”, in the new me that needed to be born?

I soon discovered that my known identities were "learned" and "imposed" on me at birth. Sometime with Love. Often with a deep karmic blueprint of dysfunctional familial, social and cultural heritage. Here I learned that I will not be able to change the world if I was not able to fly free and redefine fully who I could be, healed from those heritages often carriers of pain and trauma.

​I also started to see that this Earth is just one big land. That the concept of flags, countries, border, languages are just creating artificial boundaries. I felt the call to build bridges instead, and learn that I had to Be the bridge first.

I finally discovered a much bigger heart capable of embracing waves of unknowingness and newness while being more and more centered in the indestructible, calm, infinite deep core that is my Soul. A Heart that was learning to see and trust all what was possible instead of being frozen in the fears of ts own perceived limits.

The outside circumstances became less and less influential of my well being and tamed my doomed quest "out there" for peace and oneness. The quest to look for oneness and peace somewhere, someday, with someone. Learning oneness and peace were to only be found here, now and within me.

I was shading my known identities to discover the One non-local, non-temporal, non-dependent Identity, my soul voice. A voice that was beyond this one life, this one incarnation. A voice that was longing for me to remember ME, a wiser and more expanded Self, who could look at this life from a higher perspective and yet recognizing the preciousness and sacredness of this one unique life I was given to experience.

I discovered it was more important to embrace a full embodiment than to escape through the angelic and etheric realm ​where we are coming from. I discovered that refusing to be here, now, in this body, in this heart, at peace and in chaos, powerful and powerless, humble and broken, perfect and imperfect, was to run away from the contract we made to come as human.

I HAD TO FEEL IT ALL! HERE! NOW! IN MY BODY and in the depth of my BONES!

It is in that place, on my pirogue, free from any lands and any shores, any stories and any memories, that I came to better know my Self. It is in that place that something bigger than me called ME. It is in that place that my path opened widely and wildly.

A path where the "me" was replaced by a "we".

The "when" by the "now".

The "where" by the "here".

A deeper love for myself is being created every day, which allows me to experience and feel a deeper love for a broken yet beautiful humanity. I started to feel oneness with the broken, the excluded, the lost, the addicted, and even the murderers and the killers. Their suffering is also my suffering. Their pain is also my pain. Their anger is also my anger. Their longing is also my longing. Their healing is also my healing…

One of the most important lesson I learned was that the essential focus on my own growth, healing and learning should NEVER take me away for a minute to see, feel, serve and attend those who suffer, struggle or are in too much pain to carve their Pirogue, are too attached to their tree, or to those who are lost on the titanic boat of western civilization, having forgotten about their unique, beautiful, divine and powerful Self.

Life keeps moving.

New shores are calling.

And I love what I am seeing from my pirogue, sitting on my tree.

But there is an urgency. A suffering Earth and a sick humanity. Struggling communities and families. Addicted individuals and countries. Wounded women and men. Starving children and endangered species. And a rampant cancer of anger and fear, killing the Love and Compassion we all carry in our Hearts.

So I need YOU! We need YOU, yes YOU. Without YOU, there is no WE. Without WE, there is no ME.

So let’s travel together, on our pirogues, as a team of good broken open-Hearts, hopeless and hopeful loving sailors, and let's go create this new Earth, it's time.


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