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The Prophecy of the 8th Fire

Prophecies are the whispering of the Creator through our wisdom keepers, native elders.

Many prophecies, in tribes all over the world, have been talking about a time of great challenges and great transformation.

All of them speak of the destruction of Nature and the world if a materialistic way was to be taken. They also all talk about another way. A way with Nature, in partnership with Nature, in Unity with all life forms.

The coronavirus is just the tip of the iceberg. The messenger of the Earth pain. The consequence of the destruction of ecosystems and the abuse of mankind over its brothers and sisters trees, plants, animals, rocks, rivers, and oceans.

The question is what will we do once this crisis has passed?

Will we learn the lesson, heal and grow?

Or will we resume business as usual?

Every sickness carries in its root the answer. Every healing happens when the cause of sickness is understood and changed. Every part of the universe, of this planet, of life, is always seeking balance and harmony.

So as we live a life of disharmony, we invite sickness. We seed sickness in our bodies, our minds, our spirits, and our communities.

As we are home, staying safe from the virus, let's take this time to heal the more spread and dangerous viruses that are killing our planet.

Greed & Separation.

Let's assess with honesty, courage, and humbleness the state of this world. And let's start changing our behaviors, our ways, our lives.

It will require each individual to make changes. You and me. For a collective change to happen. We hold the key to this change through our personal changes, our healing, our own transformation.

Our prayers are needed today more than ever. But our change of ways is also needed. Prayers & actions. This is how we can create a paradigm shift. We can foster hope. We can seed a new Earth.

I feel it. I call it. I pray for it. And I need to keep acting on it with even more courage and willingness.

It is the world I want to offer to the next 7 generations.

It is the world spoken in the prophecies.

It is the world our wisdom keepers have told us will come.

Allow your gratitude to be alive in those times to fuel your infinite desire for this new world.

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