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The Spiritual Board of Advisors of your company

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

How to bring purpose, meaning and long-lasting joy into the core of your management

The world as you see it, as you know it, is changing so fast that I believe only those who will create space for ancient & higher-wisdom (spirituality) to infuse into their life and organization will adapt, survive and thrive. There are countless examples in history of very advanced civilizations who collapsed and disappeared blinded by their technological and superiority Ego.

That superiority was technological, agricultural, architectural, scientific, but the collapse was always for the same reason: A disconnection from ancestral wisdom, from the ultimate final power of decision of the environment. As we disconnect from Truth (the one with a big T), we fall into the paradigm of our Ego truth, limited in time and possibilities.

So history, and common sense, tells us to always stay connected to that ancient & higher/infinite wisdom. It’s not only important we do this at the level of our planet, country, city, community and corporation but also at the individual level where it all starts and ends.

I was inspired to write this article after being asked by a very large healthcare provider in the US to advise the CEO on creating and being part of a spiritual board of advisors.

But first let me step back for a minute to put things into context.

During the last 20 years, I have occupied many roles as manager, executive and CEO at various companies (Colgate, Nestle, Louis Vuitton, Lalique). I have also created and run my own businesses, the largest being which I co-founded in 2003 and for which I raised over $45M and grew to over 150 employees.

Like many CEOs and entrepreneurs, I have had to work with a board of directors and investors. Those members of the team brought strong value in terms of financial, marketing and strategic support. Yet when it came to purpose and meaning, very often I felt “alone” in this process, and confronted with my own desires that did not always match the vision and values of my board and investors.

Also what I think has become another pressing issue is that the new generations X, Y and now Z, are asking their management to truly embody the values they are aspiring to express or already living as individuals. Those XYZ do not want anymore just the “marketed” make-up of coolness, the nice sleek designed offices, or the free-open cafeteria/kitchen/playrooms. They want to feel part of a family. A tribe that reflect who they are and who they aspire to be.

If corporations don’t answer this calling they are often confronted with difficulties to attract, motivate and retain the most creative and avant-garde talents which are the blood and new DNA needed for those corporation to truly thrive in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. Recently I got to pitch one of the largest global consulting groups with my Awakened Leadership Program because it was struggling to recruit and retain “as usual” the top MBA of American business schools.

So how do we stay relevant? How do we attract those who do not want to make a career in one company? How do we embody 21st century values of sustainability, social responsibility, new ways of working (remotely), and new ways of more horizontal management? How do we embody and communicate higher-wisdom of Truth and Oneness?

One of the powerful solutions is the creation of a Spiritual Board of Advisors.

What are the roles of a Spiritual Board of Advisors?

The Spiritual Board of Advisors helps you staying in touch (and deepen) your connection to your mission.It supports you in managing your team and business with more purpose and connection to mission.It helps connect the purpose of your company to the well-being and happiness of humanity.It nurtures the fundamental values of the “higher-self” that we all share.It creates guidelines and a wire-frame for all stakeholders of the company by always bringing decisions back into alignment with the notions of service and long term sustainability.It develops practices for the CEO and the team to be in touch and express their hearts’ calling and their higher-selves and provides a plan for implementation throughout the company.It drives profit and resilience of the company up by increasing happiness, engagement and retention of employees.It is a safe-guard to always do not only what is necessary but also what is right.It keeps the founders and CEO in touch with their higher calling, allowing them to be truly successful not only financially but also emotionally, spiritually.

How does this board work with the CEO and board of directors/advisors?

It provides a voice of wisdom, of reason, of long-term view, bringing more strength and harmonious power to the CEO/Board decisions.It permanently reconnects the CEO to a higher calling making sure his/her long term life goals are achieved and align with the business/organization.It allows the CEO and Board to work with a higher wisdom to create more opportunities, synchronicities and flow in the business.

You have now a guide who is here day after day to help you keep your connection with higher-self (spirit) alive and real so you do not take decisions which lack that depth of reasoning. You are therefore more empowered, more fulfilled, more present, more inspiring because you speak and act from your heart space.

Who composes your Spiritual Board of Advisors?

Bring with you people of various faiths, keepers of ancient wisdom, people that you feel have that deep connection to Nature, to inner-peace, to a Truth that is not tainted with the dysfunction of our society. Ideally you want a Board that is not only connected to you but to all your employees, advisors and clients. Therefore it is very important to bring people from all the faiths you touch or want to touch (agnostic, Rabbi, Priest, Pastor, Shaman, etc.).


There are many more aspects about how to create and work with a Spiritual Board of Advisors – and many more benefits. Which, to my experience, are not provided by traditional board of directors or advisors, or even life coaches.

The world is changing at accelerated speed. Your employees are changing at the same speed. To stay relevant any smart business person knows deep inside that management without the heart, without spiritual wisdom, won’t work for much longer. But the smartest out there are very aware that bringing spirituality in non-religious form is essential to transform, nurture and empower their team, their vision and their life.

I invite you to read below the short interview I did with one of the CEOs I work with on this specific topic. And I also invite you to contact me directly if you want to have an open conversation on this subject. It might be the most life changing / business transforming decision you would have taken in your career.


Interview of Mary Tucker, Founder & CEO, UPIC Health

- Why did you decide to create a spiritual board of advisor for your company?

My company serves safety net patients in support of our nation's largest Sexual and Reproductive Health provider.  Through our work, our team is regularly exposed to sexual violence and patient circumstantial depression, at times challenging their faith in humanity.   The only board of advisors that makes sense for UPIC Health is one comprised of those aligned in transforming our economy to one built on social entrepreneurship and for whom compassion is the driver.

- How do you plan to make this work and to involve the spiritual board?

The Board is under development as part of UPIC's proprietary approach to Behavioral Health and continuing care management.   Through this third pillar of services, we not only support patients in living personally empowered lives, but  incorporate spiritual centeredness into our cultural DNA leading to greater collaboration, team work and employee engagement.

- How complementary to your usual board of advisor/director do you see this very helpful?

UPIC Health is privately held by two like minded Entrepreneurs.  We do not have a usual Board of Advisors.  We are only approaching Board development within the context helping UPIC advance our mission and grow our footprint within the framework of social good.


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