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This is the story of unhealed trauma

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

If you do not heal, you will bleed on people who have not cut you…

This is how victims become perpetrators This is how Pain become anger This is how Sadness become numbness This is how fear takes over Love This is how the past take over the present This is how stories kill possibilities

There is a another path.

A path where radical self responsibility and the Heart can allow our-self to heal while not bleeding on others.

It require deep work, daily commitment, focus on gratitude, focus on forgiveness, focus on feeling it all while loving it all, a path where Love guides all steps.

A path where the daunting past can be witnessed and felt, while the beautiful present can be allowed and nurtured.

I have witnessed with my own history of personal trauma that there is a space for this.

A space of growing trust even in the midst of unsaftety.

A space of love even in the midst of fears.

A space of grounding even in the midst of chaos.

A space of light even in the midst of darkness.

A space of calm even in the midst of the storm.

It is not a space of perfection. It's a space of wholeness.

It is when I can feel it all, so I can hold it all, that I truly learn what it means to be human, and where I can build steady resiliency for the rollerocaster of life. It is then that I truly allow myself to be Human. It is in that place that the duality of dark and light becomes Divine Love.

And I know that it is only when I can embody this for my Self that I can hold this for others. It is ultimately humbling. And ultimately makes me face the embodied truth that there are no "others".

If I heal, you heal. If you heal, I heal.


Shawinigan Ungaia /

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