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Time of Awakening: Pursue Your Dreams Before Dawn

One day, you will wake up, and there will be no more time to do the things you have always dreamed of. Do them now.

This beautiful saying from Paulo Coelho was always dear to my heart. And yet so often, I have waited for the right time to pursue something that my soul was deeply calling for.

Those longings can be excruciating, right?

But I also want to bring another perspective. That we never will see fully where those longings can or will lead.

Like a weary traveler, we are at point A and dream of point B. Yet the steps we take from our deepest longing will lead to incredible and unknown territories, point C.

Over 10 years ago, I had the vision to create a bee sanctuary. Something small yet meaningful to help pollinators. Today, New York Bee Sanctuary has over 500 protected lands across the country. I never dreamed of this.

At the same time, I wanted to break the spell that my voice was of no importance, so I will record a few podcasts. Diligently month after month for 10 years, I have recorded podcasts. Last week, we reached over 50,000 views on the Sanctuary podcast. I never dreamed of this.

We cannot chase success or a certain outcome, but we can put forth the vision of what our life and place in this world could feel like. I believe that ultimately, it is what will lead to success as in alignment with soul purpose.

In a world where we are told we come empty and need to be molded, learn a certain way, go to a certain school, follow a certain career to belong, and be successful, we have forgotten that we came full. And worse, we have created false identities of belonging.

But yes we came full! Of dreams. Of skills. Of connection. Of ancestors' wisdom. Of love. Without those lies we learned, we would be much less fearful to step into the arena of our true life.

We would feel less alienated when we take brave steps into the unknown, the different new path.

How many of you have been shamed for trying a different path or ways than the main system is teaching?

You see, if you believe the lies that you are imperfect, it will never be the perfect time. But if you know that you are already perfect here and now, well then now is the time.

Like a tree, we have a purpose and a place. Often, we have forgotten our purpose. And often, we live in a world that does not allow us to find our place. So I believe that if we keep calling for our place and our purpose, we will find them often far from everything we were told or imagined.

As Bayo Akomolafe shared "the times are urgent, it's time to slow down."

Slowing down to hear the wisdom we carry. To see and feel other ways. To reconnect to the land. To hear our true guides. To heal our traumas. To stop the self-destructive numbing patterns that we call entertainment. To stop getting high on immediate rewards and materialistic illusions. To dissolve the capitalistic behaviors of competition, greed, and self-hatred.

It's time to remember.


Angell Deer

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1 Comment

Thank you for this post. To use your tree metaphor, I feel like an uprooted tree. I don’t know my purpose or place. And I don’t know how to find them. I hope connecting to this community is a start.


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