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When the Mother, the Lady, are burning...

My Heart is aching. And tears are running. Notre Dame (Our Lady burning). This is just not a building but a symbol. A place of union. A place of comfort for so many. Which was always saved through the French revolution and the two world wars. Where "opposites" agreed to not arm her.

Many feelings are running through my Heart. I cannot NOT feel the symbolic burning of our civilization. Of the Earth and her forests. Of the feminine she represents. At this time of civilization and ecological collapse where we are called to unite as a collective.

May we also cry all the temples, tippees, forests and sacred sites we as western white people have destroyed. May we connect our pain today to the pain we have inflicted. May we feel it is ONE pain, one suffering. The same sacred tears.

This fire brings to me the global consciousness to a focal point. So often missing when it comes to an ecological or humanitarian disaster. I feel the pain of my brothers and sisters who used that place to find a peaceful sanctuary for over 800 years. I feel the pain of the world who beyond religions and belief came to be amazed and felt uplifted by her presence.

Unless our collective comes together, our individuality open to deeper compassion, united beyond belief, will we find the strength and wisdom to save the holy "churches" we all needs. From Churches to Forest. From Temples to rivers. From Mosques to oceans. From Tippees to mountains.

Unless we keep all our grounds sacred will we keep separating the holy from the non-holy.

What will be left if all our churches, temples, tippees, forests will be burned down? Each other. Each other. And a time will come when we will build again those places. Restore our forest. Rebuilt stone by stone the symbols of our faith. Together. All together.

I pray for this Unity. I pray for our Lady. I pray for our Earth.

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